Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada
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  • Business Podcast Consultant, Web TV
    Live Streaming Video Productions

    PodWorx, Inc. is an Internet broadcasting company that specializes in podcasts, Web TV, and live streaming video productions. We solve the problems traditional websites have created.

    With 1000+ multi-camera, live streaming video productions and 2,300+ audio and video podcast episodes produced for a world-wide audience, PodWorx is Nevada's most experience live streaming and podcast production company.

    By combining 25 years of media experience with 15 years in the sales and marketing trenches, we work most effectively with clients who use us to plan, produce, publish and promote content that transforms their website into one that makes more money or motivating visitors to take action on their behalf (or both). [Read more]

  • Why Our Customers Podcast

    When most companies set out to sell and market their products or services, they tend to use the same techniques as everybody else in their line of business. . .

    • Restaurants use restaurant marketing techniques,
    • software companies use software company marketing techniques,
    • casinos use casino marketing techniques,

    . . .and so on.

    But if you do the same thing as everybody else, you look like everybody else. The fancy marketing term for that is Functional Equivalency.

    What's really needed to increase the connection between you and your prospects is to stop producing yet another bit of written marketing collateral, and try something better--and much more impactful. You can turn the day-to-day efforts of your company into an ongoing story that gives your listeners a real sense of who you are, what you do--and how you are solving the problems facing your customers & prospects.

    This is what a PodWorx podcast does.

  • Why Our Customers Stream Live Video

    Most people think that when it comes to approachability, it's a big company problem. The reality is, approachability is a problem for any company that has a website.

    Think about it.

    Before you had a website, if somebody wanted to do business with you, they'd have to pick up the phone. Speak to a human. Learn about your business from somebody trained to provide that information. All the while getting a sense of the types of people with whom they'd be working.

    Today, your prospect spends an average of one minute on your website deciding whether you offer what they need. All the while never interacting with a human. And never providing you an opportunity to gain their time and attention.

    What's really needed is a technique that human-enables your website, giving you the opportunity to become approachable, lengthen the time you spend with a visitor and better establish your credibility not by claiming it but by demonstrating it.

    This is what a PodWorx live stream delivers!

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada