Business Podcast Consultant – Live Streaming Video Production

Accessing a Live Streaming Video Page

For a guest to enjoy your Live Streaming Video event within the highest quality environment possible, they need to have two “plugins” installed on their computer/browser:

  • Flash, and
  • Java

Flash – For the Streaming Video

Professional-level Content Delivery Networks (like PodWorx’s CDN solution) use a Flash-based streaming video platform (called the Flash Media Encoder). Your visitor simply needs to install the free Flash player from Adobe and they will have access to the highest quality streaming video available on the market today.

Java – For the Live Chat

Embedded chat applications are available in a variety of application types. A popular form, Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is used by The risk with an IRC-based chat application is that many corporate environments block the port required for IRC to function (TCP 194, 6660-6669). This would render your chat function useless. PodWorx uses a Java-based chat application, which is not susceptible to the issues surrounding port blocking. As with Adobe’s Flash Player, Sun’s Java application is free as well.

Business Podcast Consultant – Live Streaming Video Production