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Intracast™ (Internal Podcast)

When talking about corporate/business podcasts, most people speak about the type of broadcast that is presented to an audience outside of your own company–customers and prospects.

But what about the people who make your company what it is today?

To address these very important people, PodWorx coined the term Intracast™. Just as an Intranet is an internal Internet site an Intracast™ is an internal podcast for the people responsible for the day-to-day success of your business.

Who are these people? And what should the show contain?

Existing employees, sales people, new employees, business partners, distributors, resellers, service providers and channel partners would all benefit from an easily-accessed message from your company. The fun part is, your Intracast™ can contain anything you want. For example:

  1. Sales incentives
  2. Partner information
  3. Customer success stories
  4. Employee interviews
  5. CEO message
  6. Rebroadcast meetings
  7. Training / Continuing education
  8. New employee introduction
  9. Human resource updates

This is just a partial list. What would you include in your Intracast™?

Business Podcast Consultant – Live Streaming Video Production