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Listening to a Podcast on Your Asus Eee

Is technology great, or what? A week or so ago, I bought an Asus Eee mini laptop computer so that I could keep connected to the office and studio using GoToMyPC/LogMeIn without having to lug around a full-size laptop. What I hadn’t expected, but discovered last night, was that the Eee is capable of podcast […]

Why Did 100% of our 2007 Podcast Customers Renew for 2008?

As with any new technology, there is a wait and see approach to whether or not that technology is going to be valuable. For those of us with a marketing background, we’re familiar with Geoffrey Moore’s Technology Adoption Life Cycle, which divides technology users into the following categories: Technology Enthusiasts / Innovators = 8%Visionaries / […]

PodWorx in Today’s Newspaper!

I was interviewed last week by a reporter from the Las Vegas Review-Journal about how “digital music players” are used for much more than just music.  The article appeared today.  Here’s the URL for those interested: or As you might expect, the reporter and I talked about corporate podcasting, as it relates to […]

Listening to a Podcast with your Blackberry

We’ve been recently approached by a company who is considering working with PodWorx. As we spoke about what it is they are trying to do, they said they wanted to be able to directly send their Intracast (internal podcast) to their sales people who all have Blackberry’s. When they asked if that was possible, I […]

Blogging from Microsoft Word 2007

This is obviously a bit off-topic…I am testing Word 2007 which features the ability to enter a blog post. This is a test of that capability.

InformationWeek Says Podcasting is Dead

As I started the day, my Google Alert for “Podcasts” told me that InformationWeek (and more specifically, Alexander Wolfe) thought that podcasting was dead. His article had several reason behind this theory, most of which I thought were poorly researched. (Funny thing…he spent much of the article bashing podcasting and then went on the recommend […]

The Reasons for a Corporate Podcast: #3

Reason Number 3 — Ubiquitous Access to Customers and Prospects The podcast-to-listener connection allows for an unblockable/direct line of communication between a company and its listeners that has been previously unavailable online. You can’t spam a podcast…which means there is no need to spam-BLOCK a podcast. Asheesh Barman, an executive vice president at Acutrack put […]

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada