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Describing What a Podcast Is

During my vacation in St. Lucia, I was often asked what it is I do for a living. (This usually happened whilst floating in a pool with a colorful drink in my hand.) Not wanting to spend too much time on what PodWorx does, I’d say something like, “I’m a professional podcaster.” This was almost […]

Back From Vacations in St. Lucia

I just got back from an outstanding week in St. Lucia. Am recharged and ready to go! During my trip, I continued to see the understanding-gap between those of us who know what a podcast is and those who don’t. More on that in the next post.

Reason #5 for a Corporate Podcast: Customer Loyalty

Reason Number 5 – Customer Loyalty There is an interesting book on the shelves called, Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, by Jeffrey Gitomer. Its premise? A satisfied customer is a customer for whom you simply haven’t yet angered and has no allegiance to your company. A loyal customer is a customer who loves you, tells other […]

PodWorx in the Press Again

Last week I took a call from Las Vegas Business Press reporter Ben Tinsley. He was preparing a story on a company called and wanted my views on their latest product. I delivered said views and, as if by magic, a bit of what I said appeared in Ben’s article, which was posted online […]

Reason #4 for a Corporate Podcast: Improve Sales

Reason Number 4 — Improve Sales Improve sales?!? NOooooooooo! Isn’t podcasting all about putting out a show for purely altruistic reasons? It certainly can be. But for all the companies I’ve talked to, they recognize that for a podcast to be successful in a corporate environment, it must meet one of two criteria: It must […]

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada