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When Bad Podcasts Happen to Good Companies

Back in 2006, when PodWorx first came to be, I had the opportunity to speak with a VP at one of the Big Gaming Companies in Las Vegas about podcasting.  A direct report of his had heard what I was doing, was very excited about the potential, and wanted his VP brought up to speed. […]

Four Reasons Your Website is Dead

As a part of the presentation I gave to the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, I listed four reason why the life of a typical corporate website is not an enviable one.  Here’s a recap: 1. It is Static Which means that the day-to-day efforts that make your company great are not being reflected and […]

Internet Users Who Download Podcasts — We’re Number One. . .er. . .Four. . .uh. . .Seven. . .nope. . .Ten!?!

Thank God they don’t give out gold medals for podcast downloads at the Olympics.  A recent report from media agency Universal McCann had a very interesting observation about podcasts.  According to an April 2008 survey of folks from the age of 16-54 who access the Internet daily or every other day, as of March 3, […]

The Criteria of a Successful Business Podcast: Part 2 (the Company’s Perspective)

In the previous post about the criteria for a successful business podcast, we approached it from the listener’s perspective.  Today, let’s look at the company’s side of things. The Criteria for a Success Corporate Podcast: From the Company’s Perspective For a podcast to be deemed useful by the company that is either producing or funding […]

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada