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Reason #8 for a Corporate Podcast: Employee Communications

Consider this, my dear readers — if your company is at a size that an all-hands meeting can’t possibly be attended by all the hands within your business, somebody is going to feel left out. That somebody may have had to stay by his desk to answer the phone in case somebody (a customer…or maybe […]

Reader’s Questions: Is Podcasting Something Realtors Are Using?

After signing up to my Four P’s mailing list, I received an email from Kay C., a Realtor I’ve had the pleasure of working with in a previous company: Scott,Is this [podcasting] something Realtors are using?  How can it build/improve my business? I told Kay that yes, Realtors are using podcasting, but that I felt […]

Podcast Post-Production: An Example of Making Smart People Sound Smart

Of each of the Four P’s of Podcasting (Plan, Produce, Publish, Promote), the step that generates the most comments from those I interview (and the step that helps make smart people sound smart) is the production stage. When producing your podcast, it’s important to remember that your listener’s time is limited.  Knowing that, you want […]

Blog-Based Website: An Exciting Website Platform

PodWorx is working hard on a new website for one of our podcasts that will convert the entire website into a blog-based platform, where every single page will be seen as a blog post by Google.  This is huge.  We have seen podcast episodes and blog posts show up in Google within seconds of being […]

The Ultimate Feedback: Meeting One of Your Podcast Listeners

It’s always fun to receive positive feedback from a podcast listener.  Even more fun is to see how a “Great Podcast” email leads to more and more excitement within the company for whom the podcast is produced for.  It also shows how there is a good chance that you might bump into a listener! This […]

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada