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The Lazy Corporate Podcasters Way to Greater Exposure. . .it’s All About "Tweets"

I’ve spent the weekend testing the connectivity capabilities between a blog-based podcast and Twitter.  I’ve come to the conclusion that by syncing your podcast episodes with Twitter, you increase your marketing/branding visibility with very little effort. Twitter and Podcasts: How I Did It Before recommending this to PodWorx customers (which I have since done), this […]

Guess What? Traditional Sales Techniques are Killing Your Bottom Line.

I was recently invited back to speak at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Education Series for 2009.  My session will be on September 9th and I expect it to be as well received as this year’s presentation: Cutting Edge Marketing in the Technology Age.  Here’s what’s in store for my 2009 session: Title: […]

CEO of PodWorx Customer Interwoven Featured on Fox Business News

Just got word that Interwoven CEO Joe Cowan was interviewed on Fox Business News yesterday.  Here’s a link to the interview. It is GREAT to be working with a company that clearly is moving in the right direction.  We have an educational interview with CMO Ben Kiker in the queue for their Intersections podcast that […]

Can a Podcast Really Improve Sales?

For the past 2+ years, I have been saying that, from an organization’s perspective, in order for a podcast to be successful, it must either make them money or influence listeners to take action on their behalf. Fair enough.  But with so many corporate podcasts being produced that amount to nothing more then the re-purposing […]

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada