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A Message to Those Struggling Entrepreneurs

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A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed by Fred Castaneda of the Struggling Entrepreneur Podcast. Fred’s show focuses on what it’s like to be an entrepreneur (struggling or not) and tips from folks who have taken the jump into the entrepreneurial waters (and even from those who have chosen not to). Fred is a very nice guy and is really working hard to create a show that helps folks considering whether or not to try their hand at starting their own business.

In our interview, we talk about a wide variety of subjects, including:

  • How I decided to become an entrepreneur
  • My experience with podcasts
  • The obstacles I faced as a business owner
  • Whether I wrote a business plan
  • Why Polycom podcasts with us
  • The problems facing most business today
  • The process I take all interviewees through
  • The Four P’s of Podcasting®
  • The upcoming 2008 New Media Expo
  • How PodWorx markets itself
  • My recommendations for other aspiring entrepreneurs

For those interested in such things, below is the audio file from that interview. Fred also was nice enough to have the interview transcribed as well (PDF).

Do we have any entrepreneurs reading this blog? Are you using podcasting or blogging for your company? Let’s hear from you!

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada