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A Signs that Your Corporate Podcast is Connecting With Your Customers and Prospects

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How do you know if your corporate podcast is really connecting with your listening/viewing audience?

That’s a tough question, to be sure.

Along with an analysis of your episode’s month-to-month growth (if you’re growing, things are moving in the right direction), certainly one of the most fulfilling types of acknowledgement is through feedback from the very listeners you’re hoping to entertain and/or educate.  Email and comments on your blog-based podcast website are two of the most common feedback channels, but another channel has begun to pop up as well.

Jeff Westover, the senior director of field marketing for Interwoven received the feedback seen below on Twitter.  Interwoven has had several employees using the micro-blogging service for a while now and have recently created an official @interwoven_inc account to reach out to their customers and prospects.


The Tweets (a term which is impossible for an adult to say without sounding like an idiot) reflect our desire not to SELL but to education:

Intersections podcast series don’t shove the products into the listener’s eye in an annoying fashion.

Intersections podcast series brings real world perspectives from actual users of your product.

By focusing on the problems Interwoven sets out to solve, we ensure that we are always thinking about what the customer is dealing with. . .and how their concerns and goals can be helped.

Here’s your question of the day – Are you receiving this type of feedback as well?  If so, CONGRATULATIONS!  If not, go back and review your shows.  Are you spending all your time trying to convince the listener how great your products and services are, or are you taking the time to teach people how stuff works, taking into account that your solution isn’t the only game in town?  Most corporate podcasts fail because they spend too much time selling and not enough time helping.

How about you?

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada