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About PodWorx

What We Do

PodWorx is an Internet broadcasting company that specializes in podcasts, Web TV, and live streaming video productions.

The company solves the hidden problem traditional websites have created by combining 25 years of media experience with 17 years in the sale and marketing trenches. We know exactly how to plan, produce, publish and promote your content to either:

  • make you money, or
  • motivate customers and prospects to take action on your behalf.

Along with a reputation of product & service excellence, the company is well-known for developing an easy-to-follow podcasting methodology called the Four P’s of Podcasting®. The vast majority of PodWorx customers use us as a full-cycle production firm.

How We Work For You

PodWorx is an Eat Your Own Dog Food kind of company. This means that instead of delivering theory, we deliver results based upon real-world experience. We share what we’ve learned, what we know, and what to avoid, by connecting that wealth of information directly to our customer’s goals and desires. And depending on how you want to work with us, we can either “teach you to fish” or do the fishing (and scaling. . .blech) for you.

Below lists our primary offerings. Contact us with your questions.

Business Podcasts/Web TV/Intracasts

When most companies set out to sell and market their products or services, they tend to use the same techniques as everybody else in their line of business. . .

  • Restaurants use restaurant marketing techniques,
  • software companies use software company marketing techniques,
  • casinos use casino marketing techniques,

. . .and so on.

But if you do the same thing as everybody else, you look like everybody else. The fancy marketing term for that is Functional Equivalency.

What’s really needed to increase the connection between you and your prospects is to stop producing yet another bit of written marketing collateral, and try something better–and much more impactful. You can turn the day-to-day efforts of your company into an ongoing story that gives your listeners a real sense of who you are, what you do–and how you are solving the problems facing your customers & prospects.

This is what a PodWorx production does.  We plan, produce, publish and promote your content so that you may focus on what is most important. . .contributing to your bottom line.

Live Streaming Video

Most people think that when it comes to approachability, it’s a big company problem. The reality is, approachability is a problem for any company that has a website.

Think about it.

Before you had a website, if somebody wanted to do business with you, they’d have to pick up the phone. Speak to a human. Learn about your business from somebody trained to provide that information. All the while getting a sense of the types of people with whom they’d be working.

Today, your prospect spends an average of one minute on your website deciding whether you offer what they need. All the while never interacting with a human. And never providing you an opportunity to gain their time and attention.

What’s really needed is a technique that human-enables your website, giving you the opportunity to become approachable, lengthen the time you spend with a visitor and better establish your credibility not by claiming it but by demonstrating it.

This is what a PodWorx live stream delivers. We provide professional video production, graphics, animation, direction, production, lighting as well as handling all the Internet connectivity issues.  By doing so, your Live Streaming Video production will be rock solid, of the highest quality available, and sure to effectively demonstrate the value you provide to your audience.


In the event your organization would like to take full responsibility for all the elements involved in the design and deployment of a high-end podcast or live streaming video production, we deliver customized consulting services revolving around the planning, production, publishing and promotion of your content. We are especially adept at ensuring your show connects with your audience by using an "on-air" technique meant to immediately establish your credibility.  Most importantly, we deliver RESULTS that matter.

Blog-Based Website Development

For many of our customers, before they can take advantage of the social media benefits of podcasts and live streaming video (ie; more traffic), they need to get their core online house in order. The typical website, with its static design, fails to match the more connected vibe created by a well produced podcast/live streaming video production.  It also fails to rise to the level of connectedness a blog-based website can deliver, both by improving the ease in which new content is added and by the more human approach to the content delivered.

Here’s more about blog-based websites.

Vid·EEE·o –
Authenticity-based Website Video

Standard corporate videos, with their scripted delivery and unemotional content, do not increase the probability of engagement with your online visitors and destroy any opportunity to demonstrate true authenticity. A PodWorx “Vid·EEE·o” (Effortless, Efficient, Effective) solves this problem by using a strategy that will transform your website from just another electronic brochure to a tool that addresses the first objective of your online presence: the establishment of your credibility.  (The video of PodWorx president Scott Whitney on the home page is an example of a Vid·EEE·o.)

Podcast Audit

PodWorx’s Podcast Audit is a professional examination of your podcast with recommendations to increase the probability of advertising, audience engagement and content relevancy. This service is meant for individuals focused on improving revenue from advertisers and companies that have already started podcasting and simply want a third-party perspective on its effectiveness.

What We Don’t Do

A side job. Started on August 1st, 2006 (having been a podcaster for the year prior), PodWorx has been a profitable full-time podcast consulting and live video streaming production firm from the first month of operations. It’s not a hobby. It’s not something we’re "trying out". This is what we do.

Whether rolling out an externally-facing podcast, an Intracast™ (an internal podcast for your employees/partners), or a Live Streaming Video Production, when you do it right—your customers, employees and prospects will thank you. Call PodWorx today—702.395.5268.

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada