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Customer Quotes

Below you will find a handful of unsolicited, unedited quotes we’ve received from our customers. We thank them all for their kind words.

AsheeshBarman The podcasts that PodWorx has produced for Acutrack have provided tremendous benefits for us – from sales & marketing, to customer education & awareness, to employee education & awareness and the list goes on. I would highly recommend “podcasting” for every organization as long as they do it the way PodWorx does – i.e. planning, preparing, promoting, executing and publishing them. We at Acutrack cannot thank you enough for this great service you are providing for us.

Here are some specific reasons why I think it has greatly helped us as an organization.

  • We are able to deliver information about our services and solutions to our customers, prospective customers, partners, vendors ubiquitously – on their PCs, in their offices, on their MP3 players, in their car stereo system or their living room, etc. They can take it and use it whenever they want, wherever they want without having to sit and read about it on our website or our marketing materials. This is a HUGE value.
  • The way you helped us design and produce our podcasts – more educational than sales oriented has given all our listeners a deeper insight in to our core values and our consultative approach to doing business which has generated a remarkable awareness about Acutrack that no other method could do.
  • Our employees are much more informed now than they ever were. A statement I hear quite often walking the hallways of Acutrack, “Hey Asheesh, I heard the podcast last night. I didn’t know we did that!” That’s music to my ears!
  • The recent podcast that we did with Rimage Corporation as a guest on the show generated a lot of positive response from our customers. It gave us and our business model a kind of credibility that could only be achieved via this mode of communication with the world at large.
  • The educational podcasts are so useful that our sales staff uses them constantly to send to clients and potential clients when they want to inform them about a particular portion of our business. It saves a ton of time and really leaves a lasting positive impression on the listener. We hear this all the time!
  • The podcasts also “humanizes” our company by enabling the listener to feel the passion and the energy embedded in the podcast – coming from a live human being rather than reading through a webpage.
  • Some customers have even told us that they wait for our next podcast episode so they can learn more and find out what else we can do for them to make their lives easier.
  • The podcasts have definitely generated a lot more hits on our website.
  • They have also made it very easy for us to advertise or introduce more products, services or promotions.

Bottom-line: We LOVE our podcasts and genuinely thank you for bringing this great tool to our attention and helping us produce such wonderful and useful content! To use your own words, “keep producing!”

Asheesh Barman
Executive Vice President
Acutrack, Inc.

SteveHuey When deciding upon a company to produce our new podcast series, we sought a firm that could exhibit the creativity necessary for such an important initiative and demonstrate a clear methodology for success. PodWorx surpassed our requirements with great enthusiasm and a clear sense for what needs to be done to be successful in the business podcast arena.

Steve Huey
Polycom, Inc.

RajBarman Just as our customers are becoming more and more interested in the On-Demand model of content distribution, we recognized the need to provide our educational information ‘on demand’ as well. By working with PodWorx, we have a podcast that speaks directly to these creative people, and does so when they’re best able to afford the time to listen. We at Acutrack find Scott’s advice priceless and proudly consider him a true partner.

Raj Barman
Acutrack, Inc.

HeidiLorenzen For Interwoven’s GearUp Podcast, it was very important to work with a podcast production firm that fully understood how to capture the excitement associated with the underlying story our company is telling. PodWorx has done an outstanding job ensuring our new podcast is consistent with Interwoven’s attentiveness toward engaging our customers more effectively while at the same time continuing to improve our customer’s experience when working with the company.

Heidi Lorenzen
Vice President of Corporate & International Marketing

JeffRodman I recently listened to the podcasts [produced by PodWorx], and was very impressed with the amount of useful information that I got from them. I was expecting much more rah-rah-Polycom stuff, but found them to be much better balanced, and more informative, than I was anticipating. Bravo!

Jeff Rodman
Co-founder, CTO
Polycom, Inc.

AnnieW I have worked with Scott numerous times on podcasts he produced for my company. Scott always puts me and my employees at ease, brings knowledge to the process and best of all makes us sound like the experts we are! I would highly recommend adding Scott to your extended marketing team.

Annie Weinberger 
Vice President of Marketing

TimBourquin Scott Whitney is one of the few people who actually makes his living doing what he recommends to his clients. When Scott talks about how to monetize, market or grow a podcast, he is speaking from direct experience about what works and what does not. If you’re looking for expertise on podcasting, there is no one better than Scott and PodWorx.

Tim Bourquin
Founder and CEO 
TNC New Media

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada