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Before You Start a Podcast, Let’s Get Your Online House in Order

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One of the benefits to speaking at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Education Series has been the new PodWorx customers that have come as a result of that presentation. Especially interesting to me is that these customers fall more into the small/medium business (SMB) category as opposed to the podcasts we produce for larger companies like Polycom and Interwoven.

To date, each of the new customers we’ve begun working with has a bit of a challenge ahead of them before they can begin really taking advantage of a company podcast/blog.

They need to get their online house in order.

A great podcast, when done well, will drive traffic to your website (and vice-versa). But what happens if your website isn’t ready for that additional traffic? What happens if the search engine juice a podcast provides is wasted on a corporate website whose search engine strength is weak?

You fix it.

A great example of that is LASIK of Nevada. Dr. Rothman and his team are Las Vegas LASIK and Reno LASIK experts. (Believe it or not, Dr. Rothman has performed over 26,000 LASIK surgeries. . .which seems like a lot. . .if you ask me.) In talking about a potential podcast, we both agreed that before any podcasting happens, we have to take steps to make his website more search-engine friendly. We’ve decided to take a two-step approach.

Our first step is to simply clean up his existing website. His titles, metadata and overall html code was hurting his search engine results. Once we get that taken care of (in the short term), our second step will be to rebuild his website from the ground up as a platform that is both search engine and podcast/blog friendly.

Stay tuned as we continue down this journey. In the meantime, I wonder. . .what percentage of companies have stand-alone podcast website versus podcast content integrated within their existing website? There are pluses and minuses to both options. What are you doing (or considering)?

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada