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Blog-based Websites: Preparing for More Than Just Text and Graphics

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About a year ago, I wrote that a great podcast (and now, live streaming video production) will drive more traffic to your website.  This would have to be considered an obvious benefit of a well thought out production.  But, I pondered, what if your website isn’t ready for that additional traffic?

Huh, that’s a good question.

Here’s what I wrote:

A great podcast, when done well, will drive traffic to your website (and vice-versa). But what happens if your website isn’t ready for that additional traffic? What happens if the search engine juice a podcast provides is wasted on a corporate website whose search engine strength is weak?

Furthermore, what happens if your website’s old, static design fails to match the more connected vibe created by a well produced podcast/live streaming video production?

What happens?  A disconnect–that’s what happens.  If you’re going to spend the time developing a great show, it stands to reason that you’d like your call-to-action to point to an online presence for which you can be proud.  If you fail to do so, the success rate of your efforts are certainly at risk.  (Trust me when I say this. . .I have seen “social-based” content that was very compelling, but that drove me to a website that made me want to put toothpicks in my eyes.  As a result, I didn’t return.)

To date, PodWorx has designed, developed and deployed two new blog-based websites for customers that plan to do much more with their website than just throw up a bunch of static electronic-brochure pages.

And, I’m happy to report, it goes beyond the design of the website.

Both QBS Research and LASIK of Nevada have committed to communicating with their website visitors more often via their blog.  Additionally, each has a very unique card up their sleeve that will radically differentiate themselves from their competitors.

(Truth is, I’ve seen their competitor’s websites. . .they’re already way ahead. . .but what we’ve got in store for their customers and prospects (or patients in the case of Dr. Rothman) will change the way folks look at how to break down the barriers every website creates.

Fun stuff, this is!

Stay tuned for more on each of these customers.  We’re in pre-production for both companies. . .and from what we’ve developed so far, it’s going to be outstanding.

How about you?  What are you doing today to improve the approachability of your company via your website?

p.s. I’m an eat-your-own-dog food kind of guy.  This means that if it’s good enough for our customers, it’s good enough for us.  As I type this, a brand new is in development. 

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada