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We’re Still Blogging. . .

When we launched the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP (about 1.5 years ago), we began blogging on the new VVC website. We’ve provided behind the scenes info, case studies, news, information about online broadcasting and video tip. In total, we’ve covered some 50 different topics. Here’s a link to the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP Blog. Stop by and […]

Updating WordPress. . .

We’re going through the process of updating our WordPress to the latest. We’re incrementally updating and for some reason, after the update, something triggered a “new blog post” alert to our list for a blog post that is years old. Weird.

The VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP – A New Way To Create Great Video

Leveraging the efforts and studio of the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK, we have started a new video production offering in Las Vegas. Called the VEGAS VIDEO CO-OP, it is your own broadcast and video production studio without that pesky six-figure investment. Whether you want to highlight your business, start a talk show, or simply unleash your […]

Vegas Video Network Syndication Deal

We just announced over on the Vegas Video Network website that we’ve struck a syndication deal with KSHP, here in Las Vegas.  The entire lineup of VVN programming will be on from 6PM – 10PM every Friday, beginning June 17th. Here’s the press release: Vegas Video Network to be Syndicated on Las Vegas Radio Station […]

The Vegas Video Network is Online

Hey everybody, just a quick post letting everybody know that the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK is online! The Vegas Video Network is an online broadcasting network that specializes in insider news and expert views about Las Vegas.  We built the VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK to end the struggle of finding Vegas-related video that is centrally located, professionally-produced, […]

[VIDEO] Don’t Try This At Home — Video #005

Just as everybody in Los Angeles wants to be an actor, it appears that everybody building our secret project wants to be a Vegas entertainer. We’ve already seen Wade’s dancing skills, so now it’s up to Rip and me to audition as well. For my part, I butcher about three seconds of a BeeGee’s classic. […]

[VIDEO] Let’s Meet A Real Life Builder Bob — Video #004

It’s been ten days since our last video, which demonstrates how busy we’ve been! It’s hard to shoot video when you’re a Builder Bob apprentice! And speaking of Builder Bob, let’s meet Rip Rippetoe, as he explains what we’ve still got to do.

[VIDEO] Building the Stage for Our New Studio – Video #003

In this latest behind-the-scenes video, we take an over-the-shoulder look into some of the steps required to build our 288 square foot stage.  (We also feature the entertainment styling’s of one Wade Roberts.)

[VIDEO] The Building of Our New Studio — Video #002

The latest video from our studio building project. In today’s video, we learn how to set off a fire alarm without starting a fire and see first hand that I have lost all track of time.

[VIDEO] What’s PodWorx Building? #001

For some time now, I’ve been working on a concept for a new type of offering from PodWorx.  It’s an idea that I’m very excited about and one where the technology has caught up with the vision.  It’s never been attempted here in Las Vegas and based on the feedback I’ve received from a group […]

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada