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Embedding a YouTube Video on Your Website with AutoPlay (Yes You Can, Perhaps You Shouldn’t)

Because of its watermarked logo, I’m not a huge fan of embedding YouTube videos on a website. However, from a social media perspective (including the fact that iPad/iPods can view the video), I understand why some folks (including our own Living in Las Vegas Podcast) do so. Besides the watermark, one of the other complaints […]

Using Website Video to Demonstrate Authenticity (and Motivate Viewers)

I think it goes without saying that web-based video has really begun to take hold in the business world.  More and more often, as we land on a company’s home page, we’re greeted with a video. That’s the good news. The bad news is that most of these videos come across to me as a […]

Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce ‘Business Voice’ Article: Using Live Streaming Video to Increase Website Revenue

Some time ago, Carmen Gigar, the Director of Marketing for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, asked me to contribute an article to Business Voice, the Chamber’s monthly publication.  After some email talk about what I should write about, she was very enthusiastic about teaching the Chamber’s members about the potential of Live Streaming Video […]

How One Customer Tripled the Income Potential of Their Pay-Per-View Live Streaming Video Production

I’ve written a bit about the show we produce for Stronger Families, a non-profit organization that advocates for healthy marriages and strong families.  The show (Stronger Families LIVE with Jeff Kemp) does an outstanding job of picking the brains of marriage experts with a variety of special skills. We worked hard to deliver a Pay-Per-View […]

Getting Your Video Indexed by Google: Is YouTube The Only Answer?

Part of my online toolkit includes LivePerson, software that allows me to chat with people who visit our website.  LivePerson also provides a real-time view of who is on your website, and how they got there. Many times during the day, I’ll catch somebody visiting the Living in Las Vegas Podcast website via a Google […]

Live Streaming Video Productions: Your First Impression Matters

While it is true that practice makes perfect, practice is also boring.  Problem is, without practice, when the time comes to perform, more times than not, nerves get in the way from what could be a great performance. This is true for the arts (music, acting).  And this is true for your Live Streaming Video […]

Working on a New Web TV Program

I’ve been thinking about the concept for a new Web TV program for quite some time.  Having finally developed an Episode Map with 100+ episodes, along with a detailed mindmap that outlines music, branding, show flow, camera shots, script ideas, and marketing plans, we’ve begun developing the stand-alone website for this new production.  I can’t […]

A Little “Man Behind the Curtain” Fun at PodWorx

Isn’t it kind of fun to take a peek behind the curtain and see how stuff works?  I think so as well!  To that end, we’ve added the PodWorx Live Studio Cam page to our website. From time to time (like as I type this), we’ll fire up the live camera so you can get […]

Your First Pay-Per-View Live Streaming Video Production: Five Tips for Success

Last week was very exciting for PodWorx.  While we’ve been doing Live Streaming Video productions for awhile now, at 6:30PM Pacific last Wednesday, we produced our first pay-per-view event! The show (which is ongoing. . .we have another broadcast coming up on Thursday) is called Stronger Families LIVE with Jeff Kemp. It’s hosted by the […]

Why That Corporate Video on Your Website is Not Helping Your Bottom Line

I subscribe to several marketing newsletter. And study after study report what is obvious to those of us who spend any time online. . .adding video to your website is becoming less of an option and more of a requirement. If done correctly, it’ll shorten the sales cycle and keep visitors on your website longer. […]

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada