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A Signs that Your Corporate Podcast is Connecting With Your Customers and Prospects

How do you know if your corporate podcast is really connecting with your listening/viewing audience? That’s a tough question, to be sure. Along with an analysis of your episode’s month-to-month growth (if you’re growing, things are moving in the right direction), certainly one of the most fulfilling types of acknowledgement is through feedback from the […]

Recap of our Live Podcasting Q & A Video Streaming Session

First off, to those who took the time to join me during last week’s live streaming Q & A session, THANK YOU.  The whole experience was a kick. . .it’s clear to me there is gold in this method of connecting a company with their customers and prospects. The session went beyond the 45 minutes […]

Put it On Your Calendar: Answers to Your Podcasting Questions — LIVE via Video

Do you have a questions about any (or all) of the Four P’s of Podcasting® (Plan, Produce, Publish, Promote)?  Are you not quite clear on how to ensure a guest sounds great (and not salesy) during an interview on your show? Would you like to ask me any questions about podcasting. . .and do so […]

Live Video Streaming Podcasting Q & A

We have been spending much of the last couple weeks planning and implementing some new video capabilities within the PodWorx studio.  To test our streaming video capabilities, we will be offering a live Q&A session meant to answer any of your podcast questions. More information (date/time) to follow.

What’s the Problem with Your Corporate Podcast?

Easy. . .easy. . .I’m not saying there is a problem with your podcast, specifically.  What I’m asking is this: What is the customer/prospect/listener problem you plan to solve with your next episode? Now, I’ve said it over and over that you bond with people on their problems, not your solution.  However, when I say […]

The Lazy Corporate Podcasters Way to Greater Exposure. . .it’s All About "Tweets"

I’ve spent the weekend testing the connectivity capabilities between a blog-based podcast and Twitter.  I’ve come to the conclusion that by syncing your podcast episodes with Twitter, you increase your marketing/branding visibility with very little effort. Twitter and Podcasts: How I Did It Before recommending this to PodWorx customers (which I have since done), this […]

Re-purposing Your Content: Social Network Use of Your Corporate Podcast

For those who’ve spent time reading this blog, you know that the criteria for a successful corporate podcast, from the listener’s perspective, is to either entertain or educate.  The vast majority of good corporate podcasts fall under the educational umbrella. That’s the good news. The great news is that sometimes, those educated listeners choose to […]

New Podcast Training Product: A Request From Me to You

As many who read this blog know, I have been putting together a product to help educate potential podcasters about the Four P’s of Podcasting(R).  This is in response to all the up-and-coming podcast consultants, folks being tasked with developing a podcast for their company and entrepreneurs who have asked if I would be willing […]

A Sneak Peek into My New Media Expo Presentation

The last couple weeks have been very busy.  I’ve been wrapping up work on an Intracast for a large customer and have been spending much of my remaining time developing, rehearsing, and tweaking the presentation content for my New Media Expo session, which is this Thursday, August 14th. For those of you who plan on […]

If You Are Serious About Podcasting. . .

. . .here’s something you must put on your calendar. I’m proud to have been selected as one of the speakers presenting at the 4th Annual New Media Expo 2008 in Las Vegas on August 14-16, 2008.  Being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the New Media Expo is a convention that continues to […]

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada