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Reason #7 for a Corporate Podcast: Momentum (or, this thing might just catch on)

Reason Number 7 – Momentum For companies that have successfully deployed a corporate podcast, they know a little something about momentum. Specifically, if your podcast is “reliable”, that is, it produces new episodes at the promised frequency, you can’t help but build more and more momentum around your show. (Of course, if the show is […]

Reason #6 for a Corporate Podcast: It’s a Web 2.0 Thing

Reason Number 6 – Web 2.0 This is an interesting “reason” because it depends largely on how you deploy your podcast as to whether or not this will work for you. If asked to guess at the percentage of business podcasts that take advantage of the Web 2.0ness of a podcast, I would guess it’s […]

A Great Example of What an Interview-Based Podcast Can Demonstrate

Interwoven, a PodWorx customer, has an annual conference called GearUp. 1,000 or so people attend in the hopes of learning best practices in the world of content management systems (CMS), composite application provisioning (CAP) and multivariable optimization (among many other topics). The company has one of the sharpest marketing organizations I’ve ever worked with. As […]

Here is a Method That is Helping Event Organizers Increase Their Attendance

Recently I was asked to write a guest article for Event Solutions Magazine, a monthly trade publication covering the events, meetings and incentives industry. The article was just published in their February edition. Below is the article in its entirety: Listen Up Think podcasting is just for your teenager? You’re missing out on a valuable […]

Reason #5 for a Corporate Podcast: Customer Loyalty

Reason Number 5 – Customer Loyalty There is an interesting book on the shelves called, Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, by Jeffrey Gitomer. Its premise? A satisfied customer is a customer for whom you simply haven’t yet angered and has no allegiance to your company. A loyal customer is a customer who loves you, tells other […]

Reason #4 for a Corporate Podcast: Improve Sales

Reason Number 4 — Improve Sales Improve sales?!? NOooooooooo! Isn’t podcasting all about putting out a show for purely altruistic reasons? It certainly can be. But for all the companies I’ve talked to, they recognize that for a podcast to be successful in a corporate environment, it must meet one of two criteria: It must […]

The Reasons for a Corporate Podcast: #3

Reason Number 3 — Ubiquitous Access to Customers and Prospects The podcast-to-listener connection allows for an unblockable/direct line of communication between a company and its listeners that has been previously unavailable online. You can’t spam a podcast…which means there is no need to spam-BLOCK a podcast. Asheesh Barman, an executive vice president at Acutrack put […]

The Reasons for a Corporate Podcast: #2

Reason Number 2 — Improve Approachability The perceived lack of approachability of a company is an especially difficult problem for larger organizations. If Acme Inc. is trying to recruit new employees or make it easier for customers and prospects to understand what it is they stand for, using the same, tired outreach techniques as everybody […]

The Reasons for a Corporate Podcast: #1

For those convinced that having a podcast will help your company, here’s the rub–if you can’t explain why it’ll help your company to your boss, there will be no podcast under your Christmas tree. To improve the probability of getting the podcast flag up the hill, this will be the first of a series of […]

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada