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How to Connect a Tricaster to in Five Easy Steps

NEW NEW NEW: We’ve just be selected as a NewTek reseller for the Tricaster product line! Press release to follow soon. . . One of the first things we wanted to do with our new Tricaster was to be able to live stream from the PodWorx studio to, the free online video streaming service, […]

Podcasting is Dead. Long Live Podcasting?

A couple of days ago, I learned that Podango, a large podcast network, had suggested to its customer that they should take steps to back up/move their content to other hosting providers, the implication being that they were going out of business.  I’m a bit bummed by this personally because I’ve had the opportunity to […]

The First 60 Seconds: What I Want to Hear From Your Company Podcast

When a person first chooses to listen to your podcast, he knows nothing about you, your company, or what it is your podcast is suppose to do for him.  And while I’ve said again and again that we must either educate or entertain, before we can do either (or both), we must first create an […]

Enhancements in Store at

We’re excited about some plans we have regarding the Living in Las Vegas Podcast website.  Our intent is to expand both the reach and content of the site through a variety of enhancements.  Stay tuned for more information.

If You’re a Podcast Guest, Here’s a Tip: STOP Dropping My Name

Let’s pretend for a moment that the two of us are sitting together having a conversation.  And as a normal course of that conversation, because you are one fascinating guy, I end up asking you a bunch of questions.  Tell me, would you begin every answer by first repeating my name? No, you wouldn’t. And […]

What’s the Problem with Your Corporate Podcast?

Easy. . .easy. . .I’m not saying there is a problem with your podcast, specifically.  What I’m asking is this: What is the customer/prospect/listener problem you plan to solve with your next episode? Now, I’ve said it over and over that you bond with people on their problems, not your solution.  However, when I say […]

The Lazy Corporate Podcasters Way to Greater Exposure. . .it’s All About "Tweets"

I’ve spent the weekend testing the connectivity capabilities between a blog-based podcast and Twitter.  I’ve come to the conclusion that by syncing your podcast episodes with Twitter, you increase your marketing/branding visibility with very little effort. Twitter and Podcasts: How I Did It Before recommending this to PodWorx customers (which I have since done), this […]

Can a Podcast Really Improve Sales?

For the past 2+ years, I have been saying that, from an organization’s perspective, in order for a podcast to be successful, it must either make them money or influence listeners to take action on their behalf. Fair enough.  But with so many corporate podcasts being produced that amount to nothing more then the re-purposing […]

The Equipment I Use for Remote Podcast Recording

As a result of my post titled, “Intracast: An Example of an Internal Podcast for Employees“, I received a comment from Stephan Holt: “You’ll have to explain how you set up your mobile lab of sorts. What are the essentials when trying to present a polished professional podcast?” As Stephan mentioned, it was very important […]

Re-purposing Your Content: Social Network Use of Your Corporate Podcast

For those who’ve spent time reading this blog, you know that the criteria for a successful corporate podcast, from the listener’s perspective, is to either entertain or educate.  The vast majority of good corporate podcasts fall under the educational umbrella. That’s the good news. The great news is that sometimes, those educated listeners choose to […]

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada