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Getting Your Podcast’s Sound to be ‘Loud and Clean’ (Stopping the Sonic Roller Coaster)

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Frank Eriksen, who produces the All Things Boulder podcast (which is a really cool show, by the way).  In the email, Frank asked me if I had any ideas why my podcasts sound “so much better sonically (louder/cleaner)” than his show.  I listened to a […]

Getting Your Video Indexed by Google: Is YouTube The Only Answer?

Part of my online toolkit includes LivePerson, software that allows me to chat with people who visit our website.  LivePerson also provides a real-time view of who is on your website, and how they got there. Many times during the day, I’ll catch somebody visiting the Living in Las Vegas Podcast website via a Google […]

Live Streaming Video Productions: Your First Impression Matters

While it is true that practice makes perfect, practice is also boring.  Problem is, without practice, when the time comes to perform, more times than not, nerves get in the way from what could be a great performance. This is true for the arts (music, acting).  And this is true for your Live Streaming Video […]

An Example of Integrating Your Corporate Podcast With Other Marketing Efforts

A couple days ago, I was doing a pre-interview for an upcoming Polycom on Demand podcast.  The topic revolved around a new resource Polycom has placed on their website that provides a one-stop location meant to help their customers better implement (or propose) a video conferencing environment.  As I was learning about this resource, I […]

Top 5 Scary Corporate Podcast Facts

1. Nobody Cares What You Do. Time and time again, I hear corporate/business podcasts go on and on about how great their latest widget is.  Here’s the truth – nobody cares what you do, they only care what you do for them. Instead of speaking from a company-centric perspective, speak from the customer’s point of […]

Improving E-Mail Marketing Click-Thru Rates Using Video

The problem with many online marketing efforts is the difficulty determining the Return On Investment (ROI).  For PodWorx, our podcasts and Live Streaming Video productions are designed to help our customers do one (or both) of two things: Make More Money Motivate People to Take Action on our Customer’s Behalf For our latest Live Streaming […]

How Adding Video to Our Podcast Increased Episode Downloads by 50%

The Living in Las Vegas Podcast has been a testing grounds of sorts for PodWorx.  As a matter of fact, it was the early success of the Living in Las Vegas (LiLV) Podcast that brought about the launch of PodWorx in the first place!  (Having already proven that a podcast can help a company make […]

Blog-based Websites: Preparing for More Than Just Text and Graphics

About a year ago, I wrote that a great podcast (and now, live streaming video production) will drive more traffic to your website.  This would have to be considered an obvious benefit of a well thought out production.  But, I pondered, what if your website isn’t ready for that additional traffic? Huh, that’s a good […]

Live Business Brief: Learn About Live Streaming Video Productions

As I mentioned in my last blog post [When it Comes to Live Video Streaming, Watch This Space], as we look to extend the amount of time somebody spends on our websites from tens of seconds to tens of minutes (so that you may have a reasonable amount of time to tell your story), I […]

A Signs that Your Corporate Podcast is Connecting With Your Customers and Prospects

How do you know if your corporate podcast is really connecting with your listening/viewing audience? That’s a tough question, to be sure. Along with an analysis of your episode’s month-to-month growth (if you’re growing, things are moving in the right direction), certainly one of the most fulfilling types of acknowledgement is through feedback from the […]

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada