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Recap of our Live Podcasting Q & A Video Streaming Session

First off, to those who took the time to join me during last week’s live streaming Q & A session, THANK YOU.  The whole experience was a kick. . .it’s clear to me there is gold in this method of connecting a company with their customers and prospects. The session went beyond the 45 minutes […]

Put it On Your Calendar: Answers to Your Podcasting Questions — LIVE via Video

Do you have a questions about any (or all) of the Four P’s of Podcasting® (Plan, Produce, Publish, Promote)?  Are you not quite clear on how to ensure a guest sounds great (and not salesy) during an interview on your show? Would you like to ask me any questions about podcasting. . .and do so […]

How to Connect a Tricaster to in Five Easy Steps

NEW NEW NEW: We’ve just be selected as a NewTek reseller for the Tricaster product line! Press release to follow soon. . . One of the first things we wanted to do with our new Tricaster was to be able to live stream from the PodWorx studio to, the free online video streaming service, […]

Live Video Streaming Podcasting Q & A

We have been spending much of the last couple weeks planning and implementing some new video capabilities within the PodWorx studio.  To test our streaming video capabilities, we will be offering a live Q&A session meant to answer any of your podcast questions. More information (date/time) to follow.

The First 60 Seconds: What I Want to Hear From Your Company Podcast

When a person first chooses to listen to your podcast, he knows nothing about you, your company, or what it is your podcast is suppose to do for him.  And while I’ve said again and again that we must either educate or entertain, before we can do either (or both), we must first create an […]

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada