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If You’re a Podcast Guest, Here’s a Tip: STOP Dropping My Name

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saymyname Let’s pretend for a moment that the two of us are sitting together having a conversation.  And as a normal course of that conversation, because you are one fascinating guy, I end up asking you a bunch of questions.  Tell me, would you begin every answer by first repeating my name?

No, you wouldn’t.

And yet, a lot of first-time podcast guests think it’s the right thing to do. . .the media trained way of answering a series of questions.

But it’s not.

Now, you may say it once.  And if you’re a particular fan of my name, you might repeat it again.  But in a normal conversation, you would not make it a point to begin each answer with, “Good questions, Scott” or “Well, Scott” or “The one thing I’ve learned, Scott” because it wouldn’t feel natural.

Guess what?  That podcast episode you’re on is basically a conversation between one person who is particularly interesting in what you have to say (me) and that particularly interesting person (you).  And just as you would behave in a regular conversation, so should you behave in a podcast interview.  In other words, don’t change the way you speak to me just because we’re working on a podcast.  It’ll likely put you off your game and your natural rhythm/meter. . .and will come across as insincere. 

Which is not a feature.

“But Scott”, you say, “you say my name more than a couple times.  What’s up with that?

Fair questions. . .but you used my name again.

The reason I may repeat your name a few times during the interview is, like you’ll hear on radio, to remind the listener who I’m talking to.   And while that’s a reasonable courtesy to extend the listener, it’s not a necessary step you need to take. . .they probably already know who I am.

So, if you’re about to be interview for a podcast, or you’re preparing somebody to be interviewed on your podcast, keep it natural. . .ignore Beyonce and don’t say my name, say my name, say my name.

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