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Internet Users Who Download Podcasts — We’re Number One. . .er. . .Four. . .uh. . .Seven. . .nope. . .Ten!?!

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Thank God they don’t give out gold medals for podcast downloads at the Olympics.  A recent report from media agency Universal McCann had a very interesting observation about podcasts.  According to an April 2008 survey of folks from the age of 16-54 who access the Internet daily or every other day, as of March 3, 2008, 29.5% of United States Internet users have downloaded a podcast.

Doesn’t sound too bad.  About a third of the U.S. gets podcasting.  Cool.  Uh…until you compare it with other countries. . .like. . .

  • China: 74.3%
  • Philippines: 61.3%
  • Russia: 57%
  • Spain: 51%

Out of eleven countries surveyed, the U.S. was #10.  #11? — Italy with 25.1%(there goes my Italian-language Living in Rome Podcast!).

I have to admit, I wasn’t that surprised by these numbers.  As I’ve said MANY times before, more times then not, when I tell somebody I podcast for a living, I get the tilted-head look.  But I’ve noticed a trend. . .we’re getting more and more calls and emails asking about podcasting.  And they are coming from companies of all sizes.  And recent reports indicate a positive trend as well. This is good. 

Here’s what’s bad — this report might lead a business owner to turn away from podcasting. . .which could be an opportunity lost. Now I’ll be the first to say that not every company is suitable for a corporate podcast.  .  . but for those who have a compelling story to tell…who want the teach their customers and prospects a better way to do things, you need to remember that your audience will listen to what you have to say (regardless of what you call the media by which you teach) if you entertain or educate them. 

The feedback from my customers continues to be the same…the numbers continue to climb (downloads, average downloads per show, minutes of exposure) and the our listeners continues to be appreciative. 

But, as Robert Plant would say, it makes me wonder.  Are companies not starting a podcast because of reports like these?  Are they missing out on the chance to speak directly into the ear(buds) of their customers and prospects?  It really makes me wonder. . .

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada