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Intracast: An Example of an Internal Podcast for Employees

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I’m flying out to Boston next week to work with a customer on an Intracast.  This customer came up with a clever way to use podcasting to reach out to a variety of employees, with a focus on new hires.

As part of their new hire process, this division within a large company will make available an Intracast featuring interviews will all their managers and executives. . .from around the world.  The intent is to educate new hires on how the division works, what’s important to the success of the organization, and how employees can help.

Here’s an example of some of the questions I’ll ask the interviewees:

  1. What is your role within the division/how would you describe what you do?
  2. How is your team structured and where are your employees located?
  3. What are the challenges of doing business in your area of expertise?
  4. How is your success measured and why is that important to the company?
  5. What suggestions do you have for new employees to help them succeed? 

If you’re a new hire, these are the questions you want answers to.  And even if you’re a long-time employee, either within the division or out, this helps everybody understand what it is that motivates this organization.

Logistically, I’m flying to Boston because all the execs and managers in this division will be in the area for a multi-day strategy meeting.  So we just added "podcast interview" to their schedule.   (Of course, we could have just scheduled a bunch of phone interviews. . .but doing it this way turns the whole process into an event, giving the podcast more weight in the eyes of the managers.)  There’s a nice buzz among those involved. . .I’m looking forward to the trip.

[More information about Intracasts]

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5 Responses to “Intracast: An Example of an Internal Podcast for Employees”
  1. Stefan Holt says:

    Let us know how your visit is received by the managers and what insights they can provide to us on their perceptions of podcasting and digital (new) media. You’ll have to explain how you set up your mobile lab of sorts. What are the essentials when trying to present a polished professional podcast? notice how I got the 4 p’s in there. Looking forward to learning more.

    Stefan Holt

  2. Scott Whitney says:

    Good ideas for some blog posts, Stefan! I’ll put them on my list.


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