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Living in Las Vegas Listener August Meet Up is a Go!

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strip I’m telling you, our listeners are a lovely bunch of coconuts!  As I mentioned in episode 58 of the BRAND NEW Living in Las Vegas Podcast, we were thinking about organizing an informal meet up with our listeners in conjunction with the upcoming New Media Expo.   Based upon the personal emails I received, we’d be crazy NOT to meet with some of the nicest people I’ve ever heard from!

We’ll pick a day (more like early evening) soon.  And to show my appreciation, I’ve decided that I’ve got a little gift set aside for the first ten LiLV listeners who shake my hand and introduce himself/herself.  (And no, the gift does not require that you buy me a drink. . .that would be uncalled for, not something I would ever expect, and I drink Tanqueray and Tonic.)

The Expo is happening from August 14-16 in Las Vegas.  My session is on the Thursday the 14th but I’m open to meet any day/night.  For those interested in joining us for a drink or two, how about sending an email to and tell me what night works for you.  Based upon the majority, we’ll post a date/time on the website.

Stay tuned!

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