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Listening to a Podcast on Your Asus Eee

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Is technology great, or what?

A week or so ago, I bought an Asus Eee mini laptop computer so that I could keep connected to the office and studio using GoToMyPC/LogMeIn without having to lug around a full-size laptop. What I hadn’t expected, but discovered last night, was that the Eee is capable of podcast subscription and listening without the need for any additional software.

Here’s how it’s done.

1. Start the Music Manager. From the EASY DESKTOP, this is found in the PLAY section. From the FULL DESKTOP (which I recommend, by the way), click LAUNCH >> APPLICATIONS >> MULTIMEDIA >> MUSIC MANAGER
2. Select PLAYLIST from the tabs on the left.
3. Right-click on the Podcasts folder, and select Add Podcast…

4. Enter the URL of the podcast’s RSS feed in the Podcast URL field and click [OK].

5. The Music Manager will read the RSS feed and list all the episodes below the title of the podcast. Double-clicking on the title will then populate all the episodes into the player, shown below:

6. Clicking on the Context Tab on the left side while playing an episode will provide even more information:

Pretty slick, huh?

For companies that provide the Asus Eee to their employees/sales force, If that same company distributes an internal podcast (Intracast™) or external podcast, they could easily pre-configure the system to read their shows. Then, these employees would be able to easily stay up-to-speed on the latest content coming from these companies. And depending on the podcast’s content, it would certainly make an effective sales tool as well.

Are you using an Asus Eee to listen to podcasts? Did I miss anything? Let me know!

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4 Responses to “Listening to a Podcast on Your Asus Eee”
  1. Tiki East says:

    Scott – you’re a bloody star. I’ve just spent a good couple of hours trying to find out about managing podcasts on my eee – looked at different software, scratched my head a lot and was about to give up. Thanks heaps

    xx Tiki

  2. scott whitney says:

    Glad you found it helpful, Tiki! I have to say that I was pretty impressed that the Asus Eee makes for a pretty good podcatcher.

  3. Cliff says:

    Wish I’d found this before I tried (unsuccesfully) to load extra software onto the Asus. Thanks!

  4. Scott Whitney says:

    My pleasure, Cliff. Enjoy!

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