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Live Streaming Video Productions: Your First Impression Matters

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While it is true that practice makes perfect, practice is also boring.  Problem is, without practice, when the time comes to perform, more times than not, nerves get in the way from what could be a great performance.

This is true for the arts (music, acting).  And this is true for your Live Streaming Video Production (LSVP).

As part of my weekly efforts, I take the time to check out other LSVPs.  In doing so, an interesting trend has emerged.  Of the last three shows I’ve watch, ALL OF THEM had a problem with the start of the show — video didn’t appear correctly, the sound wasn’t on, graphics didn’t work as expected, graphics didn’t match on-air content, etc.  And in all three cases, the host feverishly tried to fix the problem while apologizing to the audience.

There is no question that your first impression sets the table for the professionalism of your show.  My guess is that had each of these hosts rehearsed their opening 20 times, mapping out exactly what buttons needed to be pushed and what comes next, these problems would not have happened.

Buuuuuut, practicing is a bore. 

Trust me when I say, the panic associated with a failed opening of your LSVP will make you wish you lived through a bunch of boring rehearsals.  I get a little nervous before each live show we do, and we practice, practice, practice.  I can’t imagine how crappy/scared I’d feel if I tried to start a live show “cold”.

So, get bored.  Practice your butt off.  Get your muscle-memory honed for that opening.  And allow yourself to focus on what matters the most: entertaining or educating your viewers.

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada