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[PR] Acutrack, Inc. Launches New Podcast Produced by PodWorx, LLC

Show to focus on those using CD and DVD for content distribution

LAS VEGAS, NV — JANUARY 10, 2007 – Acutrack, Inc., considered among the leaders in world-wide On-Demand CD and DVD production, has selected PodWorx, LLC to plan, produce, publish and promoted their upcoming "Acutrack Podcast."

"Just as our customers are becoming more and more interested in the On-Demand model of content distribution, we recognized the need to provide our educational information ‘on demand’ as well," said Raj Barman, CEO of Acutrack, Inc. "By working with PodWorx, we have a podcast that speaks directly to these creative people, and does so when they’re best able to afford the time to listen."

The show, which is available at, is meant to help those who deliver content via CD or DVD stay up to speed on the best and most cost effective ways of getting their movies, music, software or other content to their target audience.

"As somebody who has spent a great deal of time learning about Acutrack’s many capabilities, I know the musicians, filmmakers, software companies and other content creators who listen to the show will benefit a great deal by the collective knowledge possessed by Acutrack employees." said Scott Whitney, president of PodWorx, LLC.

The new Acutrack Podcast will begin on January 11, 2007. [Ed. This show was launched a day earlier to assist in Acutrack’s marketing efforts.]

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About Acutrack, Inc.
Founded in 1992, Acutrack is an experienced, full service CD and DVD production firm. From conception to delivery, our team of experts ensures that producing your CDs and DVDs is effortless. Our services include CD and DVD authoring, graphic design, replication and duplication, photo realistic and silkscreen disc printing, copy protection, retail ready offset printing, shipping and fulfillment.

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