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[PR] Introducing Business Podcast Company, PodWorx™, LLC

Company Delivers Corporate/Business Podcasting Services by "Giving Voice to Your Business™"

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, AUGUST 02, 2006 — When will a podcast undiscovered from your company lead to a sale for the competition? Founded to reduce the risk associated with this questions, PodWorx, LLC announces the launch of its company and the immediate availability of its website, along with its new podcast, "Podcasting for Business".

"With the unmatched rise in podcast listenership, all businesses are faced with a tough question," says Scott Whitney, president of PodWorx, LLC, "at what point will the decision not to produce a podcast for their customers, prospects, investors, business partners and various channel associates hurt their perception as a leader in their industry?"

Whitney continues, "Essentially, we ensure our clients are delivering their message to an audience that increasingly expects content on their terms, not that of the company. By creating a professionally-produced business podcast that turns the day-to-day efforts of our clients into an ongoing story that gives their listeners and customers a real sense of who they are and what they do, our clients begin to benefit from an unblockable/direct line of communication previously unavailable in any form. In addition, they have now extended their reach to the three places a person normally finds oneself—their home, their car or their office."

The FOUR P’s of Podcasting®
To ensure a repeatable/trackable methodology toward the design, development and deployment of a corporate/business podcast, PodWorx developed The Four P’s of Podcasting®:

  1. PLAN
    After the initial decision to launch a podcast, consideration of how it will affect the company’s brand and reputation are paramount. Budget and department ownership are decided upon. An episode map is created along with a decision regarding the style of the show. The initial calendar scheduling process for show participants begins in this stage as well.
    Before pressing RECORD, topic research, interview question writing and vetting, script preparation and pre-production are a few of the steps required.
    During the recording, an inviting environment is created either in-studio, using the company’s well-equipped recording studio, or at the remote site. This is accomplished through both the physical environment of the interview but, more importantly, properly prepping the interviewee/co-hosts.
    Post-production work (music beds, "umm" removal, sonic edits, audio "finishing", etc.) and the eventual creation of the deliverable files are accomplished here as well.
    To increase the probability of listener engagement and reduce the risk of listener incompatibility, careful attention to proper file preparation and hosting is mandatory in this stage.
    Proper ID3 tag creation/validation, verified MP3 upload, XML/RSS feed edit/validation/upload, M3u file creation/upload and website/webpage edits are a few of the steps required. Hosting on a high-speed, high-bandwidth-capable server is important to ensure listeners are quickly fed their request.
    And above all else; test, test, test.
    While the "build it and they will come" mentality may work for cornfield-surrounded baseball fields, more effort is required for a successful podcast.
    The promotional step starts with the decision to host a stand-alone podcast site or to integrate your podcast within your existing online presence.
    Next, it’s time for you to let your customers, partners, and employees know they have a new show waiting. After that, it’s time to tell the rest of the world via the company’s list of podcast promotion techniques.

New Term: Intracast
When talking about corporate/business podcasts, most people speak about the type of broadcast that is presented to an audience outside of your own company–customers and prospects.

But what about the people who make your company what it is today?

To address these very important people, PodWorx coined the term Intracast™. Just as an Intranet is an internal Internet site an Intracast™ is an internal podcast for the people responsible for the day-to-day success of your business. (More information is available on

PodWorx, LLC can be reached at their website ( or toll-free at (866) 962-7569.

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