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My Favorite Way to Promote a Business Podcast

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There are a number of ways to promote your business podcast. When working with a customer, we provide a list of 11 ideas to get the ball rolling. But my favorite technique is one that for a company of just fifty people would generate 125,000 impressions a year at no cost.

Simply add to the bottom of every company email a link to your corporate podcast website that says, “Listen to our NEW Podcast“.

For a company of 50 employees, if each person averages just 10 emails a day, that equals 500 impressions in a day. Now some may be thinking, “Yeah, but a lot of those emails just go to other employees.”

That’s true. . .and that’s a good thing. You’d be surprise how many employees fail to recognize that their own company has a podcast!

500 impressions a day–but we don’t work one day a week, we work five days a week…that equals 2500 impressions a week. But we don’t work one week a year, we work 50 weeks a year…which delivers 125,000 little ads for your business podcast each year. Again, at NO cost.

Highly recommended.

Any other ideas? Let me know!

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