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New Podcast Training Product: A Request From Me to You

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As many who read this blog know, I have been putting together a product to help educate potential podcasters about the Four P’s of Podcasting(R).  This is in response to all the up-and-coming podcast consultants, folks being tasked with developing a podcast for their company and entrepreneurs who have asked if I would be willing to put together a product that would allow them to quickly get up-to-speed on how to plan, produce, publish and promote a successful podcast.

I decided that instead of putting this package together in a vacuum, I would ask for your advice.  Specifically, what would you expect to receive to be willing to separate yourself from some amount of your hard-earned cash? (Amount to be determined at a later date.)

We’ve already begun work on some of the items to be included, but my guess is y’all have other recommendations that would make this an even better product.

So far, we’ll be offering:

  • Video: The complete one-hour “The Four Keys to Podcasting Success” session I gave in the “main room” of the 2008 New Media Expo.  We continue to be in post-production on the video (MUCH more time consuming than I thought!) as we sync all 59 slides with the audio/video of me teaching the content.  (The first few minutes of the video is here.)
  • Audio CD: The one-hour “Four P’s of Podcasting” CD.  Because of time constraints, much of the content in this CD is not covered in the FKTPS video.
  • PodWorx Pre-Interview, Interview and Episode Map Templates: Attendees to the New Media Expo session were especially excited to have time-limited access to PodWorx’s pre-interview, interview and Episode Map templates.  In the FKTPS video, I go step-by-step over how to use these templates to put into a place a podcast program that’s easy to manage and consistently successful in producing great content, episode after episode after episode.
  • One Hour Consulting: Inevitably, there will be follow-up questions after reviewing all this content.  I decided to include up to one-hour of one-on-one consulting to answer questions and provide further direction to those needing additional help.
  • Bonus Video: The complete one-hour “Cutting Edge Marketing in the Technology Age” presentation I gave to rave reviews at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Education Series and will be presenting at an upcoming Vegas Young Professionals and private speaking engagement.  In the session, I cover tips and tricks to improve your efforts in website, email, search, blog, podcast and social networks marketing.  This video will likely be provided after the initial package is delivered (versus being included with the 1.0 package).  (We’re currently organizing the taping of this session.)

From a pricing perspective, we’re still working on the details.  We provide a fixed-price podcast consulting offering that costs $7500.  If somebody asked for the three hours of help outlined above, if the consulting was done over the phone, we would discount our $250 hourly rate and charge $500.  We’re still gathering recommendations on this (feel free to throw in your own recommendation).

Whatcha think?  What else (if anything) should I add?  What am I missing that, if included, would help you with your podcasting needs?  Send me an email (swhitney [at] or post a comment.

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