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Four P’s of Podcasting
Number of Tracks: 5
Total Run Time: 1h:08m:43s
Cost (includes S&H): $11.95

Four P’s of Podcasting® CD:

For a much more detailed look into the steps required to design, develop and deploy a business podcast, PodWorx has produced the Four P’s of Podcasting CD.

With a total run time of over an hour, the Four P’s of Podcasting CD gives a thorough understanding of what podcasting is and how it can help your organization reach out to customers, prospects, partners and employees.



Podcasting for Business Podcast Premium Episodes

Gain immediate access to the premium episodes of PodWorx’s Podcasting for Business Podcast.  After payment, you will receive a password that will give you instant access to the four episodes that give specific directions toward how to Plan (episode #4), Produce (episode #8), Publish (episode #9) and Promote (episode #10) your business website. (This is the same content available on the Four P’s CD.)



Podcast Audit

A professional examination of your podcast with recommendations to increase the probability of advertising, audience engagement and content relevancy. This service is for individuals focused on improving revenue from advertisers and companies that have already started podcasting and want a third-party perspective on its effectiveness.


One on One Telephone Consulting/Coaching

You will gain direct one-on-one access to PodWorx president Scott Whitney. You may select to receive coaching on podcast and/or live streaming video production development.  Suggested topics would include Episode Map development, pre-interview techniques, interview techniques, studio/recording/video equipment recommendations, software recommendations, music resource direction, show structure development, and episode shadowing.

Your one-on-one consultation and coaching experience with Scott will move you closer to a strategic plan that will increase the effectiveness of your online efforts and reduce the risk associated with launching a podcast or live streaming video production without proper preparation.

One Hour: $295.00

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada