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PodWorx produces the following Web TV, podcasts, Intracasts™ and live streaming video productions. For questions about developing a web-based production for you or your company, please contact PodWorx.

Live Streaming Video Productions

  • LIVE STREAM Las Vegas
    The LIVE STREAM Las Vegas is a video production service that specializes in broadcast-quality, multi-camera productions show on location. The service helps smart businesses close the gap between themselves and those in their target market so they can GROW THEIR BUSINESS without looking unprofessional or struggling with technical complexities.

  • Vegas Video Network
    The VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK is the first and only LIVE online broadcasting network and media hub that specializes in insider news and expert views about Las Vegas. It provides a behind-the-scenes look at Vegas that predicated on three ideas: It has to be easy to use, We take advantage of the sophistication and live aspects of broadcast television, Our hosts are experts in their field and are actively engaged with their audience. VVN was launched on October 2, 2010. We’ve developed 20 original shows and have broadcast well over 1,300 LIVE programs from our 11-camera capable studio AND a variety of remote locations as well. All of this positions us as the most experience live stream video production company in Nevada.

  • IGT Channel Blue
    International Game Technology (IGT) hired PodWorx to convert their Executive Briefing Center into a broadcast-quality live stream video production studio. We are also responsible for all the technical direction of their “Channel Blue” productions.

  • American Gaming Association/Aristocrat Technologies Joint Press Conference
    AGA and Aristocrat, working with PR firmKirvin Doak, hired PodWorx to live stream their most recent press conference. Multiple cameras, multiple audio inputs, and a variety of video and graphic assets created a broadcast-quality production that was very well received by all involved.

  • Serena Software Sales Kickoff
    Serena Software hired PodWorx to live stream their two-day sales kickoff using multiple cameras and a variety of media assets (graphics, videos, PowerPoint, etc). This was seen by a world-wide audience of Serena employees.

  • edmentum/Plato Learning All-Hands Meeting
    edmentum, previously known as Plato Learning, needed to be able to deliver two separate all-hands meetings to their employees, many of whom were not located in Dallas, their HQ location. We created the ability to stream their CEO (in Dallas) to their online audience AND include a second live stream from Minnesota, allowing for questions and answers between the two cities.

  • Host Analytics 2012 Kick-off
    This is a VERY clever idea. HA had their world-wide sales kickoff for 2012 in San Francisco and used live streaming video to help share and capture the content for their worldwide sales and employee force. The CEO spoke along with another presenter who demonstrated the new sales presentation for the company. This event allowed those unable to travel to San Francisco the ability to watch and participate (via our live chat module) in the event from anywhere in the world.

  • Revenue Rockstar Live Broadcast
    Produced for Marketo, the Revenue Rockstar tour features the best and brightest in marketing automation. PodWorx provided live broadcasts in a handful of locations throughout the United States each with an audiences of over 1,000.

  • Marketo TV
    Also produced for Marketo, a Platinum Partner at the 2010 Dreamforce conference in San Franciso, Marketo TV is a fast-paced four-day interview show produced live from the tradeshow floor. We created a broadcast-quality production in the limited space of a 10×10 booth and featured Marketo employees (as hosts) and a variety of sales and marketing experts as guests. This content was later turned into a variety of video-on-demand content for Marketo as well.

  • Living in Las Vegas
    Added as a new feature of the Living in Las Vegas Podcast, the production has successfully hosted hundreds of simultaneous visitors and has seen a measurable improvement in call-to-action response rates.

  • Live Podcast Q & A with PodWorx
    An ad-hoc live question and answer session between PodWorx’s CEO and an invitation-only audience.

  • QBS Live Mondays with Tom Freese
    QBS Live Mondays with Tom Freese is a twice-a-month live sales coaching show that provides educational information and live questions and answers between the primary host and the audience via text chat. This show features a host (Tom) and producer/co-host (Scott) that has been developed to allow the host to link into the PodWorx video production studio via remote video access.

Web TV, Podcasts & Intracasts™

  • [This Show is in Development]
    Very excited about this show. A enterprise software company that works with Fortune 1000 companies will be launching a Web TV show that focuses on three distinct viewers: Champions (high powered project managers), Executives (with a reputation for thinking differently) and Influencers (market pundits, analysts, etc.).

  • Local’s Choice Radio™
    Added as a new program within the Living in Las Vegas Podcast, Local’s Choice Radio highlights the best products and services the city has to offer its residents and visitors. It provides a more personal look into these companies using a technique called an inter(e)view™.

  • Private Intracast™
    As part of the new-hire process, this Intracast is used to introduce key managers located throughout the world to new hires coming on board this high-tech global organization.

  • Private Intracast™
    This Intracast is used primarily as a communication vehicle for the CEO and his staff to reach out to their world-wide employee base.

  • “Intersections” by Interwoven
    Intersections by Interwoven has been produced to provide valuable insight to line-of-business and IT executives responsible for delivering an engaging and profitable online presence, as well as those interested in streamlining business processes and addressing business risk.

  • Interwoven’s GearUp Podcast
    This podcast is meant to further reach out to the attendees of Interwoven’s twice-a-year conference. It will feature interviews with keynote speakers, company executives, session facilitators and attendees.

  • Private Intracast™
    This Intracast is positioned as a sales tool for both the company’s internal sales force as well as their channel partners. It features new product information, sneak peeks, competitive insights/takedowns, interviews with top sales people & partners and training (sales/product).

  • Acutrack Podcast
    This external-facing podcast is for Acutrack, Inc., a CD and DVD manufacturing company in the Bay Area. It is meant to help those who deliver content stay up to speed on the best and most cost effective ways of delivering their movies, music, software or other content to their target audience.

  • Polycom On Demand
    For those searching to learn more about conferencing and collaboration as it relates to their business, Polycom and PodWorx have launched the Polycom On Demand podcast. Produced to explain in easy-to-understand language the complexities of this exciting, though sometimes confusing area of business, the show features executive interviews, real-world customer examples, product information and educational presentations.

  • Private Intracast™
    This Intracast is used as a sales tool for a worldwide sales force of 300+ professionals. Its intent is to let all the sales staff hear the company’s best sales people sell, close, prospect, handle objections and close business.

  • Podcasting for Business
    With a target audience including sales, marketing, brand, and advertising professionals, the Podcasting for Business podcast sets out to educate the listener on the Four P’s of Podcasting (Plan, Produce, Publish and Promote).

  • Living In Las Vegas
    The Living In Las Vegas Podcast is a Las Vegas Podcast that gives a first-person look into what it’s like to call Sin City your home. It has been featured in the The New York Times, National Public Radio, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

  • Great Relaxation Music
    The Great Relaxation Music podcast was deployed as a means of further extending the reach of the website’s sales and marketing efforts. It features two or more tracks from CDs available on the website.  The podcasts have resulted in a 23% increase in Internet-based sales.
Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada