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Reader’s Questions: Is Podcasting Something Realtors Are Using?

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realtorsign After signing up to my Four P’s mailing list, I received an email from Kay C., a Realtor I’ve had the pleasure of working with in a previous company:

Is this [podcasting] something Realtors are using?  How can it build/improve my business?

I told Kay that yes, Realtors are using podcasting, but that I felt the VAST majority do so in a way that hurts their brand, not help it.

From my perspective, imagine if you could spread your real estate knowledge not just to the person sitting directly in front of you but to anybody, at anytime, in their home, car or work.  You see, I believe telling is not selling, teaching is.  So, a great Real Estate Podcast would be one that teaches the listener about what to look for as a buyer, thing to remember as a seller, how to deal with negotiations and any one of a dozen other subjects.  Remember, a successful podcast must either entertain and/or education.  If you’re simply regurgitating the same content that I can read on a sales flyer or webpage in a quarter of the time it takes me to listen to you, you’re not helping me.

At the end of the day, a great podcast helps your business by positioning yourself as an expert in your market.   More importantly, if done correctly, it will separate you from the competitive herd.  This means that if you provide any kind of professional service (for example, real estate, taxes, financial planning, and legal to name a few), a podcast can be an effective marketing tool.

Here’s a questions–if you were a Realtor, what would you podcast about?

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