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Reason #5 for a Corporate Podcast: Customer Loyalty

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Reason Number 5 – Customer Loyalty

There is an interesting book on the shelves called, Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, by Jeffrey Gitomer. Its premise? A satisfied customer is a customer for whom you simply haven’t yet angered and has no allegiance to your company. A loyal customer is a customer who loves you, tells other people about you and will carry your flag up the hill even if you zig when you should have zagged.

Podcasting, when done right, helps customer loyalty.

By producing a podcast that remembers to either entertain or educate your customers (one of the two criteria for a successful podcast), you attach a voice and emotion to your company brand. You humanize your company. And you’ve demonstrated that when it comes to providing relevant, helpful information to your customers, you recognize that your customers no longer expect to have to wait for content they might want to consume. You’re willing to put in the effort to provide content on their terms, not yours.

This, as Martha Stewart would say, is a good thing.

When a customer recognizes that you’re putting that much effort into making it easy to connect to your business, that makes for an appreciative customer…which leads to customer loyalty.

Things to remember:

  1. Your podcast must either entertain or educate the listener
  2. You podcast should always ask for questions and comments during the audio portion of the show
  3. There should be easy-to-find contact information on the website

How has your podcast affected your customer’s perception of your company? Let me know!



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One Response to “Reason #5 for a Corporate Podcast: Customer Loyalty”
  1. Greetings from the frigid midwest!

    I wanted to first drop a note to say what a great resource your website is and that I’ll be using many of the factoids on it in a series of presentations I’ll be making over this next calendar year using “The Podcast Bug” – a customized 1974 Superbeetle featuring a completely autonomous Podcasting Recording Studio on board.

    Our network is one that started from humble beginnings – 2 Guys Talking about their favorite television show, the hit Fox show, “24”. After getting about 80 listeners via iTunes and other directoris two and a half years ago, we got an Email from a guy that said “he was the Production Designer on 24” – uhh, right — sure you are. But it WAS! After our first season, 24 Production Designer, Joseph Hodges contacted us and eventualy gave us a series of revealing, entertaining and on-going interviews that gave us 10s of thousands of listeners. We took the power of the bandwidth and made a network – a boutique of podcasts that continues to grow with new shows, annual contests, and participation in many different fan and business communities that has allowed me to begin another dream career as a talk show host with many friends that make what is The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network.

    Currently (and sadly with no “24” because of the Writer’s Strike) we’ve taken a TERMINATOR turn, suckling the teet of what is an even larger and been-around-longer fan base – the TERMINATOR Fans in what is The 2GuysTalking TERMINATOR Podcast. It started with us reviewing the first 3 feature films in prelude to the new Fox series show, “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” which we’re reviewing each week, with advertisements, referrals, sponsorships and more.

    In many of the casts I talk about what was the origin of “the 2GuysTalking” experience – it was my friend Carlo and I talking about movies in the back of my friend Adam’s Dad’s minivan. We shared the experiences, visuals and life experiences back then and it continues into the new truly satisfying experience of The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network.

    Cheers again to your articles and efforts and I will continue to read regularly!

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