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Reason #7 for a Corporate Podcast: Momentum (or, this thing might just catch on)

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Reason Number 7 – Momentum

For companies that have successfully deployed a corporate podcast, they know a little something about momentum. Specifically, if your podcast is “reliable”, that is, it produces new episodes at the promised frequency, you can’t help but build more and more momentum around your show. (Of course, if the show is terrible… not so much.)

But what about the overall awareness of podcasting? As I’ve said before [post: Describing What a Podcast Is], many folks still don’t know what a podcast is. And if you read enough press, they’ll tell you that podcasting is a fad that is close to being (or is) over. However, a recent report suggests that podcasting continues to move up on our collective awareness scale.

According to an article I found on, podcasting audiences have grown 40% in one year. The article states that e-Marketer’s January 2008 Arbitron-Edison Media Research study found the following:

  • The podcast audience has grown nearly 40% in the last year.
  • Podcasting reaches 18% of the US population, up from 13% a year ago.
  • Podcast adoption is accelerating. A year ago, they reported that the podcast audience had grown 18%, less than half of last year’s growth.
  • An estimated 23 million Americans have listened to a podcast in the past month.

This is good news. And it matches my experience here in Las Vegas. When I first moved here, the vast majority of people I talked to didn’t have the first clue what a podcast was. This is becoming less and less the case as the podcasting word continues to grow. (I consider this especially promising in Las Vegas, which I believe is 2 years behind my previous home base (SF Bay Area) when it comes to the adoption of technology–specifically, online technology like podcasting.)

The key to growing these numbers is to continue to deliver great content. Content that either educates or entertains your audience. If we all continue to work hard at delivering a great product, podcasting will continue to grow in the collective awareness and continue to help folks learn, laugh and take advantage of this great communication tool on their time, whenever and wherever they want!

Are you seeing an increase in podcast awareness where you live? Let me know!

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