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Reason #8 for a Corporate Podcast: Employee Communications

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Consider this, my dear readers — if your company is at a size that an all-hands meeting can’t possibly be attended by all the hands within your business, somebody is going to feel left out.

That somebody may have had to stay by his desk to answer the phone in case somebody (a customer…or maybe a prospect?!?!) called.  Or perhaps she works swing shift.  Or if the company is really large, maybe a whole division is in a different country.  Regardless of the reason, nobody likes to feel left out.  And if you’re going to take the time to update your employees about what’s what, don’t you think it should include everybody?

An internal podcast, or what we call an Intracast™, can solve this problem, and others as well.

PodWorx produces quite a few Intracasts for our customers.  In combination, here’s an abbreviated list of some of their features:

  • Summarize all-hands meetings
  • New hire orientation, including the introduction to managers throughout their division
  • Human resource updates
  • Customer success stories
  • Gives the C-Suite executives an opportunity to periodically update all employees on goals, drivers and the status of the business
  • Sales training, competitive updates
  • New product information
  • Employee highlights
  • Partner/Reseller updates

The list goes on.  The companies using an Intracast to reach out to their employees LOVE the idea that these important people can consume this content at their convenience, without having to use an iron fist.  And we (PodWorx) makes sure that the mode of consumption is as easy as possible:

  • Direct MP3 download
  • RSS Subscription (like a typical podcast)
  • iTunes autosubscribe
  • Embedded Flash Player on their intranet

On a personal note, I think Intracasts are one of the most exciting uses of podcasting technology available to companies today.  Employees love ’em.  Companies love ’em.  And you can’t beat any technique that brings management and employees closer together.

Thoughts?  Have you starting using podcasting technology to communicate within your organization?  What type of content are you providing to your employees?  Let us know!

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