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Recap of our Live Podcasting Q & A Video Streaming Session

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First off, to those who took the time to join me during last week’s live streaming Q & A session, THANK YOU.  The whole experience was a kick. . .it’s clear to me there is gold in this method of connecting a company with their customers and prospects.

The session went beyond the 45 minutes I had planned. . .which is great.  For those who were unable to join us, I’ve embedded a video to give you a glimpse into what took place.

For those who joined us (I’m not sure how many came from my announcement to our email subscribers and those who I reached out to in other online areas), what did you think?  For those who’ve just reviewed the video, what did you think?  To both groups, would you like me to broadcast another live Q & A session?  Let me know.

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2 Responses to “Recap of our Live Podcasting Q & A Video Streaming Session”
  1. Scott

    It is my loss, I am sure, that I did not get to participate in the live session. From my experience with the Podworx podcasts on iTunes, I know what you have to offer is quite valuable.

    Based on this snippet, which is less than a tenth of the entire presentation, I have to say that it does not rise to an instruction you gave during the session and have given elsewhere. One of the most important lessons you have offered is to “bond on a problem, not a solution.” Going on just what I have seen in this video, I did not feel that bonding you describe. I had a sense that I was seeing more of how expert Podworx is, rather than being offered an opportunity to learn if any of the problems discussed in the Q & A were similar to situations I might encounter.

    Please allow me to express to you my admiration for your skill at managing a live chat, streaming video, intros and outros, as well as multiple cameras. The question crossed my mind, “How did he rehearse for this?” I am also impressed with your talent for expressing complex concepts extemporaneously. Congratulations.

    For those of us who had a conflict that prevented us from being here for the live session, can we “go to the videotape,” to quote a sports announcer? Will the entire presentation be accessible somewhere?

    Thank you, Scott, for demonstrating the value of podcasting in this new world of social media.


  2. Scott Whitney says:

    What a thoughtful comment, Andrew. Thanks.

    The intent of this snippet wasn’t to provide a great deal of the content that was shared during the session. Instead, it was simply meant to demonstrate what we’re looking to offer moving forward, as well as indicate what PodWorx is capable of from a live-streaming perspective. So while we did speak at some length about the “bonding on the problem” bit, this small clip wasn’t meant to demonstrate that point specifically.

    If we decide to continue providing this type of interaction between PodWorx and our subscribers, we will certainly consider providing video-on-demand after the fact.

    And now for a little man-behind-the-curtain. That opening was not the original that took place during the session. I recorded a different opening with what I felt was better music and introduction by yours truly.

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada