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Listening to a Podcast with your Blackberry

We’ve been recently approached by a company who is considering working with PodWorx. As we spoke about what it is they are trying to do, they said they wanted to be able to directly send their Intracast (internal podcast) to their sales people who all have Blackberry’s. When they asked if that was possible, I thought it would be pretty easy. Turns out, I was wrong.

After a ton of research, I found that BlackBerry’s are not able to listen to RSS-based podcasts easily. There is, however, a way to make it happen. This information came from Ronen Halevy, from, who outlined four ways of listening to a podcast on a BlackBerry. As Ronen is right to point out, options 2-4 are pretty unappealing…so I’m just presenting his first (and best) suggestion.

  1. Download Juice Receiver (it’s free). This is “podcatching” software that you will use to subscribe to your favorite podcasts using their RSS feed. It will then read the podcast RSS feed and download the MP3 files automatically to your computer.
  2. Transfer MP3s to your BlackBerry using Roxio Media Manager. Launch Roxio’s Media Manager, find the location of the recently-downloaded MP3 files and simply drag a copy of them to your BlackBerry. (I created a directory called Podcasts on the BlackBerry so they’d be easy to find.)
  3. Launch the BlackBerry Media Player and Listen. On your BlackBerry, simply start the Media Player, select Audio, find the Podcast MP3 episode you want to hear and listen away.

That’s it. Because podcast MP3 files can be pretty large (ours are typically 900k per minute), you’ll likely want to add an additional SD card to your BlackBerry for media storage.

How a Podcast SHOULD be listened to via a BlackBerry.

While what I’ve outlined works, it’s not very elegant. If a company expects their BlackBerry owners to go through this exercise each time a new episode is available, I think they’ll be disappointed with the results. Ideally, we should have some BlackBerry-installed software that allows us to subscribe to the RSS feed and download the episodes wirelessly. It should then either provide a media player internally or provide a seamless link to the BlackBerry media player.

The question is, does such software exist?

The answer, from what I can tell, is not yet. Hopefully, some company will come around and make it happen. I expect the revenue potential for such an application would be sizeable. The good news is there may be something on the horizon. I’ll provide more details when I’m able.

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada