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The Ultimate Feedback: Meeting One of Your Podcast Listeners

It’s always fun to receive positive feedback from a podcast listener.  Even more fun is to see how a “Great Podcast” email leads to more and more excitement within the company for whom the podcast is produced for.  It also shows how there is a good chance that you might bump into a listener!

This email came from a listener (and Interwoven prospect) to Intersections by Interwoven.

Date: 5/12/08
From: Dave (not real name)
Subject: Great Podcast

I really enjoy the podcast series. Please continue releasing new episodes and keep up the great work.

I look forward to visiting the Interwoven booth at Henry Stewart DAM Symposium in New York.

Thank you.

(DAM stands for Digital Asset Management, by the way.)

The email was forwarded to several folks within Interwoven, all of whom got a kick out of getting this type of feedback.  Interestingly, one of the people copied on the initial distribution of the email asked another on the cc list if she had recently met “Dave” at the symposium he mentioned in his email.

She had.  Here’s what she said of the conversation:

“I sat next to Dave at the dinner event on Monday night.  He told me that he had downloaded all the podcasts onto his iPod for his trip into NY.  He said they were great and also said we were the ONLY vendor doing something like that.[emphasis added by Scott]

The only vendor. . .nice.

Competitive differentiation. . .check!

Can you imagine being asked to provide a customer or prospect’s in-flight entertainment?  Interwoven can.  And so can you, as long as you remember that Dave filled his iPod with Interwoven podcast episodes not because the Interwoven podcast contains a bunch of sales stuff, but because it helps educate him. . .makes him better at his job.  Helps him do his job easier.  And clearly demonstrates to him that Interwoven is interest in making it easy to work with their organization.


Dave has since moved closer towards being a one of Interwoven’s newest customers.   And you can bet that having a podcast helped Interwoven demonstrate to Dave that they were ready to help solve his business issues and help make him more effective at his job.

What kind of feedback are you receiving from your podcast listeners?  Positive?  Negative?  Anything?!?

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada