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InformationWeek Says Podcasting is Dead

As I started the day, my Google Alert for “Podcasts” told me that InformationWeek (and more specifically, Alexander Wolfe) thought that podcasting was dead.

His article had several reason behind this theory, most of which I thought were poorly researched. (Funny thing…he spent much of the article bashing podcasting and then went on the recommend a book. . .on podcasting.)

I commented on the article…here’s what I said:

Nice “linkbaiting” headline!

I agree with many of the comments above…podcasting is far from dead. It is, however, too difficult to listen to in most cases.

Our customers at PodWorx have all appreciated and benefited from their podcasts. More to the point, 100% of our 2007 corporate customers signed up for 2008. I can assure you this would not have happened if podcasting was “dead”.

Clearly, if done correctly, a podcast can be entertaining and/or educational for the listener and help a company make money or direct a listener take action on their behalf. It can be done if the effort is there. As Robert Allen said [another commenter on the page], a great deal of work is required to deliver a strong podcast. . .and most podcast fail in that department. But for those that DO make the effort, a podcast can be an outstanding component of a company’s customer loyalty efforts.

Scott Whitney
PodWorx, Inc.

What do you think? By reading this post, I would guess you believe in podcasting. . .but maybe not. Let me know!

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada