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Using Live Streaming Video to Solve a Sales Objection

LASIKLIVE For many doctors in the elective medical procedure business (plastic surgery, LASIK, etc.), the two-step process for bringing on a new patient is:

  1. Determine medical eligibility (are they physically fit enough)
  2. Managing fear

Simple enough.  The problem is that “managing fear” is a sales objection that stops many doctors from being able to help their potential patients in the first place.  This, naturally, has a negative impact on a doctor’s ability to fill his sales pipeline.

Interestingly, after a procedure has been completed, many patients announce that “it was nothing” or “it was much easier than I expected”. 

A perfect example? LASIK. 

Dr. Richard Rothman, the most experience LASIK surgeon in Nevada (over 30,000 procedures) and the owner of LASIK of Nevada, recognized that instead of trying to explain away that fear on his website (which, by the way, PodWorx developed), it would be more helpful for potential patients to actually see what a LASIK procedure is all about. 

This coming Tuesday (6/23) at 5pm Pacific, PodWorx and LASIK of Nevada will do just that.  We will present a complete LASIK procedure LIVE, via streaming video

Featuring 104.3FM DJ “Cadillac Jack”, Dr. Rothman will pull back the curtain and show folks what the entire process is like. . .from the time Cadillac Jack arrives at his facilities, through the preparation and actual procedure, to the time he leaves, post-procedure, wearing his cool new Ray Charles sunglasses (and no longer having to wear regular glasses anymore).

And guess what?  This will be covered live on 104.3FM as well!

But Wait, There’s More

Dr. Rothman has done many procedure on local DJs.  One of the problems during these live remotes is that there tends to be a rush of callers listening to the show interested in getting LASIK for themselves.  Occasionally, this rush of calls would overwhelm their switchboard, leaving potential patients to wait. . .and sometimes hang up.

We will solve this problem as well.

We have designed a live streaming video page that includes a simple form that folks can use to take advantage of the promotion LASIK of Nevada will be running during the live show.  This way, nobody gets left out.  A win for the listeners/viewers.  And a win for LASIK of Nevada.

Here’s the info for the show.  If you’ve been thinking about LASIK, or are even remotely interested in live streaming video, I’d check it out. 

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Date: June 23, 2009
Time: 5:00pm Pacific (estimated time)

Now, here’s my question to you – how can you use Live Streaming Video to remove a sales objection in your business?

p.s. Almost forgot to mention. . .guess what LASIK of Nevada will do with the video that we’ll shoot during the live event?  Exactly.  Use it to add fresh, entertaining and educational content to their website.

Before You Start a Podcast, Let’s Get Your Online House in Order

One of the benefits to speaking at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Education Series has been the new PodWorx customers that have come as a result of that presentation. Especially interesting to me is that these customers fall more into the small/medium business (SMB) category as opposed to the podcasts we produce for larger companies like Polycom and Interwoven.

To date, each of the new customers we’ve begun working with has a bit of a challenge ahead of them before they can begin really taking advantage of a company podcast/blog.

They need to get their online house in order.

A great podcast, when done well, will drive traffic to your website (and vice-versa). But what happens if your website isn’t ready for that additional traffic? What happens if the search engine juice a podcast provides is wasted on a corporate website whose search engine strength is weak?

You fix it.

A great example of that is LASIK of Nevada. Dr. Rothman and his team are Las Vegas LASIK and Reno LASIK experts. (Believe it or not, Dr. Rothman has performed over 26,000 LASIK surgeries. . .which seems like a lot. . .if you ask me.) In talking about a potential podcast, we both agreed that before any podcasting happens, we have to take steps to make his website more search-engine friendly. We’ve decided to take a two-step approach.

Our first step is to simply clean up his existing website. His titles, metadata and overall html code was hurting his search engine results. Once we get that taken care of (in the short term), our second step will be to rebuild his website from the ground up as a platform that is both search engine and podcast/blog friendly.

Stay tuned as we continue down this journey. In the meantime, I wonder. . .what percentage of companies have stand-alone podcast website versus podcast content integrated within their existing website? There are pluses and minuses to both options. What are you doing (or considering)?

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada