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An Example of a Well Formed Podcast Press Release

PodWorx customer Interwoven put out a press release announcing their new podcasting, Intersections by Interwoven. I was especially impressed with the content of the press release because it hit on many key issues that I believe should be addressed in such a press release. Here’s what I mean:

1. First of all, they wrote a press release about their podcast! I’m all for a soft launch of a show to get the bugs out but once you’re ready to go, TELL PEOPLE. I am surprise by the number of corporate podcasts that never go to the trouble of getting the word out.

2. They explain the problem they are trying to solve with the podcast “how to leverage content to maximize online business growth..”

3. They explain who the podcast is for: “provide valuable insight to line of business and IT executives responsible for delivering an engaging and profitable online presence, as well as those interested in streamlining business processes and addressing business risk”

4. They give a preview of what’s already been produced, with links (that are trackable) to each individual episode.

5. They demonstrate their interest in making access to the show as easy as possible by listing all the ways a listener can enjoy the show:

6. And finally, they gave PodWorx credit for producing the show!! (Okay, that’s not an important component, but it sure is cool.)

If you’re company is preparing to launch a podcast, be sure to tell people. And when you do, it’s a good idea to touch upon all the points Interwoven did in their press release.

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada