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How One Customer Tripled the Income Potential of Their Pay-Per-View Live Streaming Video Production

I’ve written a bit about the show we produce for Stronger Families, a non-profit organization that advocates for healthy marriages and strong families.  The show (Stronger Families LIVE with Jeff Kemp) does an outstanding job of picking the brains of marriage experts with a variety of special skills.

We worked hard to deliver a Pay-Per-View program that added a great deal of value to our viewers, but we wanted to further extend what we could offer people in need of this kind of content AND further increase revenue.

I just got a peek at the results of one of my favorite tips for increasing the revenue brought about by any Live Streaming Video production; that is, by creating an “available-for-sale” DVD.

SFLive-Product-MockUpBy working with our DVD/CD manufacturing partner (Acutrack), Stronger Families took their Pay-Per-View episodes and packaged them into this retail-quality DVD seen on the right.

For the first four episodes we produced, they plan to create two DVDs—each with two episodes.

Doesn’t this look great?!?!  They did a wonderful job putting everything together and have successfully created THREE revenue streams from the Stronger Families LIVE pay-per-view production:

  1. Live Pay-Per-View
  2. Post show Video-On-Demand
  3. DVD

Who is Buying?

What’s interesting about the DVD is an analysis of who is buying.  As expected, people who attended the live event and wanted to preserve what they learned for further reference have purchased a DVD.  But two other groups have been added to that first group of buyers:

  1. Live Pay-Per-View customers who attended
  2. Live Pay-Per-View customers who were unable to attend the live show
  3. People who missed the live event but still wanted the content

What’s great about this is that the investment in the live event will be paying dividends to Stronger Families for years.  

Total Income Streams

If you add up all the income streams from this production, you’ll get a total of FIVE:

  1. Live Pay-Per-View
  2. Post-show Video-On-Demand (Non-PPV Signups)
    [PPV Signups were allowed free access to the Video-On-Demand)
  3. DVD
    • PPV Attendees
    • PPV Signup, Unable to Attend
    • Non-PPV Signups

By adding a video-on-demand and DVD option, Stronger Families has tripled their income options for Stronger Families LIVE.  Pretty nifty.

You Can Do the Same!

The key to increasing your revenue OR marketing value is to ensure you are recording your live streaming video production in such a manner as to allow for the reuse as either a high-quality video-on-demand offering or a DVD.  This means that recording your live event as a FLASH video is not good enough.  Be sure to record in a non-Flash format that is capable of being eventually rendered in a quality suitable for DVD.

As you can tell, I’m excited about all this.  How about you?  Are you considering producing a live streaming video production and adding a DVD component to the overall offering?  Have you already done so?  Let me know. . .I’d love to shine a flashlight on others with similar success (or concerns).

In Las Vegas? I’m Speaking Next Week on Marketing Techniques That Drive Website Traffic and Increase Revenue

  The folks at the Technology Business Alliance of Nevada have asked me to deliver my “Cutting Edge Marketing in the Technology Age” presentation.  It’ll take place next Wednesday, February 17th, at the Bali Hai Golf Club’s Cili Restaurant.  It’s open to all folks and costs $35 pre-paid, $45 at the door. 

Here’s the description of the presentation:

For many, the concept of developing an effective online marketing strategy is intimidating. As a result, we find companies unintentionally distancing themselves from their customers and prospects instead of bringing the two groups closer together. Fortunately, there are a number of online marketing techniques that will introduce the real value of your company to your prospects and customers, motivating these important people towards a new (or additional) working relationship with your organization.

This presentation offers those techniques.

Come to this session ready to look at your existing marketing efforts in a new, fresh way. We will share proven marketing techniques that take advantage of:

· Your Website

· Search Engines

· Email Marketing

· Social Networks

· Blogs

· Podcasts

You will learn new methods to reach out and grab additional business. Be prepared to take notes!

This is a very well received presentation as it delivers tips that can be immediately implemented.

If you’re a Las Vegas local, and you’re responsible for the effectiveness of your website, come take a listen.

Sales Training in Las Vegas

Over the course of the last several weeks, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time working on a presentation I’m giving tomorrow for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce’s Business Education Series

Here’s a link to the session on the LV Chamber Website [Guess What?  Traditional Sales Techniques are Killing Your Bottom Line].

This past Sunday, I was reading the business section of the Las Vegas Review-Journal when I literally stumbled upon a quarter-page ad the Chamber ran for my session!  I had no idea!  A copy of the advertisement is below.  Kudos to the LV Chamber for spreading the word.


If you’re reading this and you’re in Las Vegas, I hope you’ll attend the session.  It is going to be packed with a ton of great ideas to help drive more revenue for you and your company.

Using Live Streaming Video to Solve a Sales Objection

LASIKLIVE For many doctors in the elective medical procedure business (plastic surgery, LASIK, etc.), the two-step process for bringing on a new patient is:

  1. Determine medical eligibility (are they physically fit enough)
  2. Managing fear

Simple enough.  The problem is that “managing fear” is a sales objection that stops many doctors from being able to help their potential patients in the first place.  This, naturally, has a negative impact on a doctor’s ability to fill his sales pipeline.

Interestingly, after a procedure has been completed, many patients announce that “it was nothing” or “it was much easier than I expected”. 

A perfect example? LASIK. 

Dr. Richard Rothman, the most experience LASIK surgeon in Nevada (over 30,000 procedures) and the owner of LASIK of Nevada, recognized that instead of trying to explain away that fear on his website (which, by the way, PodWorx developed), it would be more helpful for potential patients to actually see what a LASIK procedure is all about. 

This coming Tuesday (6/23) at 5pm Pacific, PodWorx and LASIK of Nevada will do just that.  We will present a complete LASIK procedure LIVE, via streaming video

Featuring 104.3FM DJ “Cadillac Jack”, Dr. Rothman will pull back the curtain and show folks what the entire process is like. . .from the time Cadillac Jack arrives at his facilities, through the preparation and actual procedure, to the time he leaves, post-procedure, wearing his cool new Ray Charles sunglasses (and no longer having to wear regular glasses anymore).

And guess what?  This will be covered live on 104.3FM as well!

But Wait, There’s More

Dr. Rothman has done many procedure on local DJs.  One of the problems during these live remotes is that there tends to be a rush of callers listening to the show interested in getting LASIK for themselves.  Occasionally, this rush of calls would overwhelm their switchboard, leaving potential patients to wait. . .and sometimes hang up.

We will solve this problem as well.

We have designed a live streaming video page that includes a simple form that folks can use to take advantage of the promotion LASIK of Nevada will be running during the live show.  This way, nobody gets left out.  A win for the listeners/viewers.  And a win for LASIK of Nevada.

Here’s the info for the show.  If you’ve been thinking about LASIK, or are even remotely interested in live streaming video, I’d check it out. 

imprezy firmowe
okna kraków

Date: June 23, 2009
Time: 5:00pm Pacific (estimated time)

Now, here’s my question to you – how can you use Live Streaming Video to remove a sales objection in your business?

p.s. Almost forgot to mention. . .guess what LASIK of Nevada will do with the video that we’ll shoot during the live event?  Exactly.  Use it to add fresh, entertaining and educational content to their website.

Reason #4 for a Corporate Podcast: Improve Sales

Reason Number 4 — Improve Sales

Improve sales?!? NOooooooooo! Isn’t podcasting all about putting out a show for purely altruistic reasons? It certainly can be. But for all the companies I’ve talked to, they recognize that for a podcast to be successful in a corporate environment, it must meet one of two criteria:

  1. It must improve sales, and/or
  2. It must motivate the listener to take action on their behalf

Be assured that a podcast can improve sales. I know this to be true because the first podcast I produced improved the company’s web-based sales by 23%. We did this by providing a show that gave the listener what they wanted while at the same time providing a call-to-action that didn’t feel “salesy”. Within weeks we were seeing sales directly related to the podcast.

How NOT to improve sales via your podcast

Pitch, pitch, pitch. In my profession, I listen to a lot of podcasts. And many of the corporate podcasts I’ve reviewed since August of 2005 have failed to meet the criteria your listeners have for every podcast…that is, to either be entertained or educated (or both). Instead, these podcast were almost assuredly written by the folks in marketing who wanted to list all their features and how great their product is and why you should buy. This, I’m afraid, doesn’t get the job done. Remember, telling is not selling…teaching is. If you are educating your listeners, you are helping them discover on their own why doing business with you might be a good idea.

Has your podcast helped your sales? Let us know and we’ll spread the word on what works and what doesn’t.

The Reasons for a Corporate Podcast: #3

Reason Number 3 — Ubiquitous Access to Customers and Prospects
The podcast-to-listener connection allows for an unblockable/direct line of communication between a company and its listeners that has been previously unavailable online. You can’t spam a podcast…which means there is no need to spam-BLOCK a podcast. Asheesh Barman, an executive vice president at Acutrack put it this way:

We are able to deliver information about our services and solutions to our customers, prospective customers, partners, vendors ubiquitously – on their PCs, in their offices, on their MP3 players, in their car stereo system or their living room, etc. They can take it and use it whenever they want, wherever they want without having to sit and read about it on our website or our marketing materials. This is a HUGE value.

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada