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In Las Vegas? I’m Speaking Next Week on Marketing Techniques That Drive Website Traffic and Increase Revenue

  The folks at the Technology Business Alliance of Nevada have asked me to deliver my “Cutting Edge Marketing in the Technology Age” presentation.  It’ll take place next Wednesday, February 17th, at the Bali Hai Golf Club’s Cili Restaurant.  It’s open to all folks and costs $35 pre-paid, $45 at the door. 

Here’s the description of the presentation:

For many, the concept of developing an effective online marketing strategy is intimidating. As a result, we find companies unintentionally distancing themselves from their customers and prospects instead of bringing the two groups closer together. Fortunately, there are a number of online marketing techniques that will introduce the real value of your company to your prospects and customers, motivating these important people towards a new (or additional) working relationship with your organization.

This presentation offers those techniques.

Come to this session ready to look at your existing marketing efforts in a new, fresh way. We will share proven marketing techniques that take advantage of:

· Your Website

· Search Engines

· Email Marketing

· Social Networks

· Blogs

· Podcasts

You will learn new methods to reach out and grab additional business. Be prepared to take notes!

This is a very well received presentation as it delivers tips that can be immediately implemented.

If you’re a Las Vegas local, and you’re responsible for the effectiveness of your website, come take a listen.

2008 New Media Expo Conference Sessions Are Available

New Media Expo organizer Tim Bourquin just sent an email announcing that the conference sessions for the 4th Annual New Media Expo has been posted. As promised, the sessions, which fall into five “tracks” (Audio and Video Creation 101, Attracting and Growing Your Audience, The Business of New Media, Audio and Video Creation and New Media Strategies), look to be heavy hands-on, with speakers who’ve walked the walk.

This is great news.

While I believe podcasting is a powerful branding and customer relations tool (naturally), I believe those who attend the Expo will be exposed to many ways to further that concept to their executive staff. The problem many people interested in putting podcasting to work for their company is a lack of details. How do I get started? What should I look out for? What is the best ways to get this project off the ground? What’s a process that can work for me? A review of the sessions available leads me to believe these questions will be answered.

I want to personally invite anybody who has even the most basic interest in podcasting to attend the conference. I’ve been asked by several people if it’s open to the public…it is! I can assure you that those of us chosen to speak will be working very hard to make sure you get everything you paid for! As a matter of fact, Tim had a great comment about his selection process:

“I take a close look at every proposal we get and before giving the final approval, my question to my conference coordinators is always, “If this is the only session a person goes to at the event, will they leave thinking the entire trip was worthwhile?” That’s what makes New Media Expo different than most everything else out there.”

How about that for a selection criterion?!? Nice!

Will you be going to the New Media Expo? If so, what do you hope to achieve by attending? If not, why not? Add a comment and let me know!

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada