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Using Website Video to Demonstrate Authenticity (and Motivate Viewers)

I think it goes without saying that web-based video has really begun to take hold in the business world.  More and more often, as we land on a company’s home page, we’re greeted with a video.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that most of these videos come across to me as a little too commercial-ish.  The scripted delivery, or paid spokesperson, or deer-in-the-headlights/teleprompter-reading presentation found in most corporate videos destroy any opportunity to demonstrate authenticity.

I wanted to share the formula for, and an example of, the type of video I like to see today.  One that does away with the overly-produced videos I see and focuses on what’s important to the viewer.

You Bond With People on Their Problems, Not Your Solution

When we shoot a Web TV show, develop a podcast episode, or shoot one of our Vid·EEE·o’s (a new example of which is below) for a corporate customer, we take folks through a simple story-telling process:

  1. What is the problem facing our customers?
  2. What are they doing to solve it (that isn’t working)?
  3. What is the solution that fixes the problem?

The acronym is P.A.S. – Problem, Alternative solution, Solution.

1. Problem

By beginning our video (or podcast or Web TV episode) with the Problem, we bond with our audience.  We help them understand that we know what they’re going through.  By doing so, we establish our credibility not by claiming it (“we’re a world-class service provider of. . . .blah blah woof woof”) but by demonstrating it.

The video below is for UpMo, a career-management service in the Bay Area.  The video begins with a brief review of the problems facing those looking for a job.

Video Time: 00:00 – 00:15

2. Alternative Solution

After the problem is addressed, we speak about the Alternative Solution.  There are two goals in reviewing the Alternative Solutions with our viewer;

  1. Prove we are aware of the viewer’s efforts to solve the problem (which, in turn, shows that I recognize we have competition)
  2. Subtly poison that competition

Video Time: 00:16 – 00:37

3. The Solution

Once we’ve established our credibility by reviewing the problem(s) facing a client, along with the efforts they may have taken to solve it, I’ve painted a relatively bleak picture.  To relieve that tension, I normally begin the Solution segment of my story with this statement:

“This is a problem we solve.”

Once I’ve said that, I am free to detail (in the short time allotted), how it is we solve the problems they face.

Video Time: 00:38 – 01:33

One More Step: A Risk-Free Call to Action

Once I’ve stated my case, I want to take a moment and invite the viewer to accept my Call to Action.  (Not doing so is a mistake, I believe.)

Now, your call-to-action could be as innocuous as inviting somebody to visit a certain section of your website.  Ultimately, the reason you do a web-based video (or podcast or Web TV program) is to either make money or motivate people to take action on your behalf.  Now is the time to make that happen.

With this type of video, I’m a big fan of the risk-free Call to Action.  It may be a bit hard to motivate somebody to part with their money after a two-minute video but, if you did a good job, you should be able to motivate a number of viewers to do something that will ultimately benefit them risk-free.

Video Time: 01:34 – 01:48

That’s it, basically.  Although there is a bit more to it, this is pretty much the process I go through for every bit of audio/video content PodWorx produces.  It appears to be very simple (it is) but is incredibility effective in differentiating yourself from the competitive herd.

I hope you find this “tutorial” helpful.  If you have any questions or comments give me a shout or comment below.

Here’s the video:



Why That Corporate Video on Your Website is Not Helping Your Bottom Line

I subscribe to several marketing newsletter. And study after study report what is obvious to those of us who spend any time online. . .adding video to your website is becoming less of an option and more of a requirement. If done correctly, it’ll shorten the sales cycle and keep visitors on your website longer. Yet the vast majority of all these newly added videos aren’t really helping.

The problem with your typical corporate video isn’t with the technology. That piece of the puzzle is under control. No, the reason why most corporate videos found on websites today fail to shorten your sales cycle is because the approach towards creating a corporate video today is no different than that of 20 years ago.

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Which, as I like to say, is not a feature.

Take a moment and think about it.  When was the last time you watched a corporate video, including one of your own, where the video pulled back the curtain and gave you a real sense of what actually makes that company tick?

The scripted delivery, or paid spokesperson, or deer-in-the-headlights/teleprompter-reading presentation found in most corporate videos destroy any opportunity to demonstrate authenticity. And while the overly-produced corporate video, with its heavy graphics, impressive music, and beautiful “location” shots, may look and sound well enough, they create a distraction from the real people involved with the company and fail to deliver the reason behind any online marketing effort: to move your story forward by demonstrating the transformation you deliver to your customers.

A Vision That Mirrors What Your Customer Wants

As I spent time analyzing the current crop of web-based corporate videos, it reminded me that while nobody wants to be sold, everybody wants to buy.  In order to gain the opportunity to help a client solve a problem through the use of your products or services, you must first establish rapport with that website visitor. In sales, most professionals equate rapport with relationships. And while most will claim that the key to sales is relationship, very few can articulate what the key to relationships might be.

The answer is credibility.

Without credibility, you cannot sell a non-commodity product.

That said, the people who visit your website in search of help are constantly worried about two things:

1. Who can I trust?
2. How do I ensure I’m making the right decision (or not making a wrong decision)?

In other words, your website visitors WANT you to be the answer to these two questions. They hope that by finding themselves on your website, they’ve ended their search for what you deliver. All you have to do is demonstrate your credibility through an online video that is natural, unscripted and educational.

After a great deal of research, documentation and testing, to solve this problem. . .to bring our clients closer to their customers and prospects with a focus toward shortening the sales cycle. . .today I’m happy to announce PodWorx’s newest offering. We call it Vid·EEE·o


Vid·EEE·o – Authenticity-based Website Video

The video you see to the right is an example of a PodWorx Vid·EEE·o.

Instead of delivering another boring video, filled with corporate speak and void of any sense of who you are, what you do, and how you’re helping others solve their problems, PodWorx’s Vid·EEE·o for Websites solution changes all that. This is due to our single-minded focus towards making the process of developing great video content Effortless and Efficient, and ensuring the ultimate product is Effective in bringing your company closer to a business relationship with your website visitors.

It’s unscripted – there’s no pressure to memorize a bunch of words or try to read off of a teleprompter.  Instead, we simply shoot what feels like an easy-going conversation.  In truth, the questions being asked of the “talent” are purposeful and designed specifically to draw out your story in a compelling manner.

It’s natural – it allows your personality to finally shine through online.  Very few people can read and/or memorize a script and deliver it without coming across. . .well. . .“corporate-y”.

It’s compelling – The story that is produced, combined with the editing style and clean, white background, delivers a piece of media that immediately grabs the viewer’s attention. . .and keeps it for the entire length of the video (which is usually between 1-3 minutes). The call-to-action gives the visitor a logical next step.

It doesn’t require you to wear a mock turtleneck – It just looks that way.

Results – What to Expect

As with ALL PodWorx products and services, the deliverable isn’t the main story.  It’s the outcome that matter.  Here’s a few of my favorites:

  1. Become Approachable
    The PodWorx Vid·EEE·o moves you closer to human enabling your website. This, in turn

    • Accelerates the getting-to-know-you phase of any sales process
    • Reduces the chances of being skipped over due to lack of “connection”
  2. Extends Engagement Length
    Because great embedded videos keep visitors engaged, a PodWorx Vid·EEE·o gives you an opportunity to extend the length of time a visitor spends on your website.

    • Increases the amount of time you have to move people from a passive need to an active need (to effectively sell or motivate)
    • Decreases the risk associated with visitors only spending seconds on your website before “moving on”
  3. Establishes Your Credibility
    Claiming your own credibility is the weakest way to establish it. The PodWorx Vid·EEE·o allows you to demonstrate your credibility, the strongest way to establish it.

    • Enhance your perceived expertise in the eyes of your customers and prospects
    • Lessen the problem associated with trying to convince somebody why they should work with you

There’s much more to the Vid·EEE·o story than I can fit in a single blog post. I invite you to review the video on this blog post.  And then I’d suggest you give me a call (702.395.5268) to see if your’s is a story that can be told using our techniques and strategies.  If you recognize that your overall online efforts are not contributing to your bottom line as much as you hoped, and that demonstrating authenticity to your website visitors is important, we’ll help you do it right the first time.

The New Website is ONLINE!

The New website After many days (and late nights) of planning, designing, coding, tweaking, and testing, the brand-new website is LIVE and ONLINE!

The motivation behind this project was multifaceted – I wanted to:

  1. deliver more PodWorx-developed content about podcasting and live streaming video productions to our expanding audience in a manner that was easy for our visitors to find and consume
  2. Further improve our search engine optimization efforts by taking advantage of the blog-based/CMS platform the new site uses
  3. Create a website/hosting environment that better facilitates the variety of embedded media we are using (and plan to use in the future)
  4. Eat My Own Dog Food (if I recommend and implement this type of website for our customers, I should be doing the same thing.) 

Given the growing interest in podcasting and live streaming video productions, we expect the new will be a valuable asset to those tasked with learning about and implementing either (or both) of these online sales and marketing techniques.

The new features:


Whew!  That’s quite a list!  We hope you find the new website entertaining and educational, and that you return often.  And many thanks to those of you who provided feedback during the design of the website.  (You know who you are!)

So, what do you think of the new website?  We’re still tweaking here and there so I’d love to hear your feedback!

Blog-based Websites: Preparing for More Than Just Text and Graphics

About a year ago, I wrote that a great podcast (and now, live streaming video production) will drive more traffic to your website.  This would have to be considered an obvious benefit of a well thought out production.  But, I pondered, what if your website isn’t ready for that additional traffic?

Huh, that’s a good question.

Here’s what I wrote:

A great podcast, when done well, will drive traffic to your website (and vice-versa). But what happens if your website isn’t ready for that additional traffic? What happens if the search engine juice a podcast provides is wasted on a corporate website whose search engine strength is weak?

Furthermore, what happens if your website’s old, static design fails to match the more connected vibe created by a well produced podcast/live streaming video production?

What happens?  A disconnect–that’s what happens.  If you’re going to spend the time developing a great show, it stands to reason that you’d like your call-to-action to point to an online presence for which you can be proud.  If you fail to do so, the success rate of your efforts are certainly at risk.  (Trust me when I say this. . .I have seen “social-based” content that was very compelling, but that drove me to a website that made me want to put toothpicks in my eyes.  As a result, I didn’t return.)

To date, PodWorx has designed, developed and deployed two new blog-based websites for customers that plan to do much more with their website than just throw up a bunch of static electronic-brochure pages.

And, I’m happy to report, it goes beyond the design of the website.

Both QBS Research and LASIK of Nevada have committed to communicating with their website visitors more often via their blog.  Additionally, each has a very unique card up their sleeve that will radically differentiate themselves from their competitors.

(Truth is, I’ve seen their competitor’s websites. . .they’re already way ahead. . .but what we’ve got in store for their customers and prospects (or patients in the case of Dr. Rothman) will change the way folks look at how to break down the barriers every website creates.

Fun stuff, this is!

Stay tuned for more on each of these customers.  We’re in pre-production for both companies. . .and from what we’ve developed so far, it’s going to be outstanding.

How about you?  What are you doing today to improve the approachability of your company via your website?

p.s. I’m an eat-your-own-dog food kind of guy.  This means that if it’s good enough for our customers, it’s good enough for us.  As I type this, a brand new is in development. 

Before You Start a Podcast, Let’s Get Your Online House in Order

One of the benefits to speaking at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Business Education Series has been the new PodWorx customers that have come as a result of that presentation. Especially interesting to me is that these customers fall more into the small/medium business (SMB) category as opposed to the podcasts we produce for larger companies like Polycom and Interwoven.

To date, each of the new customers we’ve begun working with has a bit of a challenge ahead of them before they can begin really taking advantage of a company podcast/blog.

They need to get their online house in order.

A great podcast, when done well, will drive traffic to your website (and vice-versa). But what happens if your website isn’t ready for that additional traffic? What happens if the search engine juice a podcast provides is wasted on a corporate website whose search engine strength is weak?

You fix it.

A great example of that is LASIK of Nevada. Dr. Rothman and his team are Las Vegas LASIK and Reno LASIK experts. (Believe it or not, Dr. Rothman has performed over 26,000 LASIK surgeries. . .which seems like a lot. . .if you ask me.) In talking about a potential podcast, we both agreed that before any podcasting happens, we have to take steps to make his website more search-engine friendly. We’ve decided to take a two-step approach.

Our first step is to simply clean up his existing website. His titles, metadata and overall html code was hurting his search engine results. Once we get that taken care of (in the short term), our second step will be to rebuild his website from the ground up as a platform that is both search engine and podcast/blog friendly.

Stay tuned as we continue down this journey. In the meantime, I wonder. . .what percentage of companies have stand-alone podcast website versus podcast content integrated within their existing website? There are pluses and minuses to both options. What are you doing (or considering)?

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada