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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

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  • Thanks to all our Bay Area friends with whom we had such a good time. You guys (and gals) are great! #
  • #PodcastTips Provide a direct RSS and iTunes link on your website. Make it easy for folks to subscribe to your show. #
  • #PodcastTips Don’t forget to include ID3 information in your MP3 file. Artist (show title), Title (episode), Album (email), Comments, URL #
  • @unmarketing what’s your xbox ID? I’m scaught0221. Am just beginning to get the hang of Modern Warfare 2. in reply to unmarketing #
  • #PodcastTips The criteria of success of a podcast (listener’s perspective): Entertain or Educate (or both) #
  • #PodcastTips The criteria of success of a podcast (company’s perspective): Make Money, Motivate people #
  • @Weezul Love that song! in reply to Weezul #
  • RT @VegasNews: Bonkerz Comedy Club Begins New Comedy Class Session Jan. 23 #
  • RT @RickySantos: ViVu Launches Video Collaboration Plug-In For Skype #
  • Local’s Only Deal: Free Tickets to the LA Comedy Club #
  • #PodcastTips Reason No.5 for a Corporate Podcast: Customer Loyalty #
  • #PodcastTips Reason No.8 for a Corporate Podcast: Employee Communications #
  • At a luncheon today, I learned that CityCenter received 175,000 job applications for the 12,500 positions available. #
  • @LAKarenLoftus Of the 175,000 applicants, CityCenter hired about 10k after transfers from other MGM Mirage properties. #vegas in reply to LAKarenLoftus #
  • #PodcastTips Reason No.7 for a Corporate Podcast: Momentum #
  • RT @LasVegas: Analyst predicts local home prices to remain near bottom in 2010 #
  • RT @RoxanneDiana: What a bargain! RT @RioVegas Don’t forget, Suites at Rio are just $20 per night, per person through February 4, 2010. #
  • #PodcastTips Reason No.6 for a Corporate Podcast: It’s a Web 2.0 Thing #
  • @PromisePhelon If you follow me I can DM you in return. #
  • RT @Techpaulogy: Getting a live streaming video business brief from @PodWorx — thanks @benkiker for the intro | And thank both of you -SW #
  • @Str8upLV Agreed! Hopefully, those not selected by CityCenter will find work elsewhere. in reply to Str8upLV #
  • Four days of rain have killed our phones. Not a feature. Hopefully CenturyLink will fix tomorrow (between 9am-3pm). #
  • RT @LasVegas: Nevada’s unemployment rate rises to 13 percent #
  • RT @EverythingVegas: Gaming supplier IGT reports profit increase in quarter #
  • Just spoke with the most condescending customer rep *ever* at CenturyLINK. Unbelievable attitude considering I have NO PHONE SERVICE. #
  • Whoa…just learned that the CenturyLINK status rep who told me a tech was working on my line “as we speak” was lying. Where’s my MagicJack? #
  • #PodcastTips Reason No.4 for a Corporate Podcast: Improved Sales #
  • Want to know if you’re *really* in shape? Get stronger with @brandonnugent #FF (He scares me.) #
  • #PodcastTips Reason No.3 for a Corporate Podcast: Ubiqitous Access to Customers & Prospects #
  • @brandonnugent My pleasure, Brandon! in reply to brandonnugent #
  • The Living in Las Vegas Podcast Has a Facebook Fan Page #
  • Is it possible to have a Facebook Fan Page email you when somebody write/comments on it? #
  • Today’s activities will include shopping (boo), tapas (yea), and live comedy (YES!). #
  • @Weezul Sadly, a “real” mall. Meadows. A different mix of clientele, to be sure. Much prefer malls on the Strip–people watching+adult bev. in reply to Weezul #
  • RT @pslove: Unless someone talks ne out of this in the next 2 hours, I’m going to go to Lied Shelter and get a dog. | congrats!! -SW #

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