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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

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  • RT @katharnavas: 48 best free apps from Microsoft #
  • 1: #LiveVideoTip Reading from a script? Use a teleprompter. Looking away to read content is distracting & hurts effectiveness of video. #
  • It’s nuts that my Google Alert keeps finding websites that are selling MP3 songs from my CDs illegally. #
  • #LiveVideoTip Use a “Lobby Screen” to test that your stream is working without exposing the “talent”. Background music will test audio. #
  • Stumped @tricaster support w/ two problems. Expecting to hear from supervisor tomorrow, hopefully w/ better news! #
  • @GrouponVegas check out in reply to GrouponVegas #
  • @tricaster users, r u seeing this same LiveSet prob? That orange line is in front of “talent”, should be behind. #
  • @tricaster user: That LiveSet is PrimeTime, Shot: Right, UL #
  • @tricaster Also seeing a problem here: PrimeTime, Shot: Right, UR #
  • #LiveVideoTip Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse your opening. Your first impression sets the table for the professionalism of your show. #
  • #LiveVideoTip Keep your “Lower Thirds” to the lower third part of the screen. Don’t block your guest/host with too tall graphics. #
  • @PhilipNelson Thanks for the response, Philip. Check the forum for more details: in reply to PhilipNelson #
  • Upgrading to @adobe Dreamweaver CS4 was not fun. Was told problem is I can’t upgrade from a previous upgrade?!?! Nuts! #
  • @Hunter many larger CDN’s can handle a live stream equal to the audience of an Apple anouncement. Presidential swearing in, for example. in reply to Hunter #
  • On hold w/ @adobe — 10 minutes, still no human interaction. Blech. #
  • Guess my diverse spending habits spooked the folks at CapitalOne. Their fraud protection folks just called to check in. Nice job! #
  • I think if the iPad included Flash support and a camera, Apple would increase iPad sales by 30-50%. #
  • I’ve watched a couple different news anchors mistakenly refer to the iPad as an iPod. #
  • @MarkGA Please. I know you. If she demands the purchase, you’ll purchase. (Though you’d probably say they’re only available in LV!) in reply to MarkGA #
  • Just confirmed a new Web TV production with a biz ranked #1 by Gartner and Forrester. VERY excited about working with this great company! #
  • RT @OMGFacts: The MGM Grand Hotel of Las Vegas washes 15,000 pillowcases per day. #omgfacts #
  • Would like to check out some live jazz tonight? Suggestion? #
  • @MarkGA Fear not, Mark. After awhile, those voices that sound like mine are quite soothing. in reply to MarkGA #
  • @MarkGA follow the voice, Mark. It knows that which you desire. in reply to MarkGA #

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Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada