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What’s the Problem with Your Corporate Podcast?

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GS Easy. . .easy. . .I’m not saying there is a problem with your podcast, specifically.  What I’m asking is this:

What is the customer/prospect/listener problem you plan to solve with your next episode?

Now, I’ve said it over and over that you bond with people on their problems, not your solution.  However, when I say that, most people equate problems with pain.  However, if you focus on only the pain somebody is dealing with, you are missing the other 50% of what I mean by problems. . .that is, the desire to improve the status quo. . .to be put in a better place. . .to achieve some form of positive reward.

By recognizing there are ALWAYS at least two ways at looking at every reason somebody is motivated to work with your company (and listen to your podcast), you’ve doubled your likelihood of bonding with that listener.

Tom Freese of QBS Research calls these two reasons “Gold Medals (GM)” and “German Shepherds (GS)”.  As in, while some people run fast toward Gold Medals, many others run even faster from German Shepherds.

Need an example?  Here you go:

Why do people. . .exercise?

  • invigorating/energizing (GM)
  • lose weight/reduce risk of heart attack (GS)

. . .take a vacation?

  • spend time with family/see the world (GM)
  • prevent mental health risks, ie; going crazy (GS)

By the way, advertisers have been doing this for years.  Why do people drink Miller Light Beer?  Tastes Great (GM), Less Filling (GS)!

What are your GM and GSs?  Here’s a few ideas for each column to help determine what might motivate people to work with your company:


Pleasure (GM) Pain (GS)
Health Fear
Popularity Embarrassment
Praise for Others Stress
Pride in self Doubt
Comfort Discomfort

It is during my pre-interviews that I often run into folks who only can think of the pleasure reasons to work with them.  Usually, this is in the form of their standard features and benefits story.  By teaching them about both sides of why what they do is valuable, it opens up many more possibilities when connecting with their audience, which in this case is the podcast listener.

Here’s a exercise I take myself through when working on a new product story.  Write down all the issues facing your customers today and then write the GS and GM reasons why you’re the answer. 

Armed with this, bonding with your customers (and listeners) will be much easier.  And isn’t that something we all want to be able to do?

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2 Responses to “What’s the Problem with Your Corporate Podcast?”
  1. Thanks for another great article Scott.
    I have been having my guests on the “indoor cycle instructor podcast” focus on other instructors problems and it has helped me as a struggling host.

  2. Scott Whitney says:

    You’re welcome, John. Glad I could help. By the way, I took a listen to your show. I have a couple tips for you, if you’re interested. Either email me at swhitney [at] or give me a call at 702.395.5268.

Live Streaming Video – Business Podcast – Web TV Consultant – Las Vegas, Nevada